The football clubs with the most followers on Instagram

Experts point out that soccer is losing influence in relation to other forms of entertainment. A scenario that is justified by the new consumptio

Experts point out that soccer is losing influence in relation to other forms of entertainment. A scenario that is justified by the new consumption habits, where immediacy prevails over quality. One of the indicators that helps gauge the importance of the professional and commercial sectors is its impact on social networks. If we analyze the figures of the most followed clubs in the world, we see how this dynamic that some apocalyptic prophets proclaim from the rooftops is partially annulled.

The Instagram profiles of the most notable soccer teams of the modern era they keep growing in number of followers, a symptom that the beautiful game still has a very clear prevailing situation over other forms of entertainment. Next, we will break down what they are. teams with more followers On Instagrammillionaire audiences that generate debates, comments and interaction on a daily basis.

We start the TOP 5 with one of the best teams on the European scene: the Juventus of Turin. The Italian team is one of the most popular clubs in its country. First-class players have always passed through their ranks, such as Del Piero, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dusan Vlahovic, Federico Chiesa and Paul Pogba. That of the Frenchman has been one of the most talked about transfers in this summer period, since it has come at zero cost after finishing his stage at Manchester United. The black and white team has a total of 54.4 million followers on his Instagram profile, a figure that places him in fifth position in the global ranking.

The fourth position is marked by the incombustible Man Utd. The English club hasn’t won the top competition in its country for years, but it has a loyal social mass that always accompanies it wherever it goes. The team is in a rebuilding process to regain its dominant position in British football. So far it has not come out afloat, but the fans trust the hand of their new coach, Erik ten Hag, to straighten the course. The official profile of the institution marks 59.5 million followerssurpassing by 4 million its main competitor, the juve.

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We entered the top 3 most followed clubs with the emergence of Paris Saint Germain. PSG will be the fashionable team this coming season. The Parisian team monopolizes all the sports information in their country, and their favoritism is absolute and total. One of the reference indicators are the odds of the different bookmakers, which show the team as a contender for everything (with special mention of the Champions League). The club also has some of the most prominent stars in world football, such as Kylian Mbappé, Neymar and Leo Messi, whose performance will also monopolize the top scorer lists, another important element in relation to sports betting.

The Parisian team has experienced a meteoric rise in recent years, managing to set up a dream team. Until now their glittering galaxy has only shone in domestic competition. It is very cold away from home, and he will have to prove his ambition away from France. The signing of Messi helped a lot to increase the virtual social mass of the institution, since it was one of the most talked about movements of the decade. The Argentine star left FC Barcelona through the back door and joined the Parisian ranks. His first year, of mere acclimatization, was not entirely brilliant. The one from Rosario faces this course with the ambition of placating critical voices and showing that he still has a lot of football to offer. With the rumors that place him in an imminent return to Barcelona -and with the World Cup on the horizon-, they will not be easy months to manage in terms of communication.

The PSG of Messi -or of Mbappé, or of Neymar…- encompasses a total of 61.9 million followers.

We stand in the top 2 with one of the most famous rivalries in world football. Barca and Real MadridWho else?

The FC Barcelona and its social mass have experienced a dismal year due to the mismanagement of its sports leaders. To a bad economic situation was also added a sports crisis. The club squandered large amounts of money on players who never finished functioning in the Barcelona orchestra. This economic waste ended precisely with the forced departure of Messi who, as we have already mentioned, ended up at PSG. A key piece in the way of understanding Blaugrana football and in its recent successes.

This summer, with the consolidation of the Joan Laporta duopoly in the presidency and Xavi Hernández on the bench, the club wants to recover the position that corresponds to it.

Until now, he has carried out a profound remodeling of the squad that has led him to incorporate world-class figures. One of the most mediatic signings has been that of Robert Lewandowski. The Polish battering ram, until now the flagship of the Bayern Munich fleet, has left Bavaria to stop in Barcelona. The player decided to look for new professional challenges and has found in the complicated situation at Barça, a context in which he can vindicate himself. He will want to be Laporta’s Ronaldinho 2.0, a figure who exudes enthusiasm and who wants to connect with a social mass wounded in his pride.

The other proper names that have landed at Barça are Jules Koundé, Raphinha, Franck Kessié and Andreas Christensen. All of them experienced players who will have to provide the extra quality that the institution needs. Each new incorporation generated an infinity of interactions in the networks, conveyed by the 111 million followers that FC Barcelona has.

Finally, we must talk about the leader of this virtual competition: the real Madrid. The white club, brand new champion of the Champions League, has 123 million followers. He is the undisputed king when it comes to social media showcase. The club has a consolidated relationship with the highest European competition, which places it in a predominant position in relation to the rest of its rivals. The club is also used to making impact additions, and its players have consistently shone this past decade. The signings of Antonio Rüdiger and Aurélien Tchouaméni will underpin an already excellent squad. Only a majestic season for FC Barcelona could jeopardize the white team’s leadership in social networks.