The Formula 1 teams that have spent the most in 2022 for damages

Written in SPORTS CENTER the 8/19/2022 2:08 p.m. The Formula 1 of 2022 goes through the summer break after the Hungarian Grand Prix, so at th

Written in SPORTS CENTER the 8/19/2022 2:08 p.m.

The of 2022 goes through the summer break after the Hungarian Grand Prix, so at the end of August the second part of the season will finally return. So far, there have been crashes between single-seaters that have increased damage payments, an investment that should not exceed the limit that was imposed for the new campaign.

F1 lives another of its most exciting campaigns after the fight they gave Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton past year. Now, the Dutchman leads the race and behind him is Charles Leclerc, one of the most unlucky drivers in the current campaign due to the damage he has done to his , reflecting millionaire investments.

However, far from the pointers of the drivers championship, there are the teams that have had the most damage throughout 2022 and that have invested significant capital to fix them. Therefore, we will tell you below who are the teams with the most expenses made in the Formula 1 season:

Williams Racing

With 4.1 million dollars, the British team is the one who has spent the most on damage caused by mainly. Because the shocks of the Canadian have been valued at up to 2.9 million dollarswhile Alex Albon, despite having crashes in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix as well as in Azerbaijan, Canada and Great Britain, has only meant just over a million investment.

Nicholas Latifi collided with Lance Stroll at the 2022 F1 Australian Grand Prix


Americans have spent up to 3.4 million dollars, after Mick Schumacher has had two accidents in the 2022 Formula valued at up to 3.2 million dollars. His partner, who replaced Nikita Mazepin before the start of the season, Kevin Magnussen has only required 125 thousand dollars for his car.

Mick Schumacher has been the one who has needed the most damage capital in all of Formula 1 after more than 3 million dollars in his


The English team, ninth in the constructors’ championship, has spent up to 3.3 million dollars. For one thing, German veteran Sebastian Vettel has required up to $1.9 million for the campaign. While the Canadian Lance Stroll has needed an investment of 1.4 million dollars, especially after the crash with Latifi at the Australian Grand Prix. So they are the third team that have spent the most on damage.

Sebastian Vettel has needed up to almost 2 million dollars in Formula 1 after damage to his Aston Martin

How much have the other 2022 Formula 1 teams spent on damage?

  • Mercedes | $3.2 million
  • Alpine | 3 millions
  • Alfa-Romeo | 2.9 million
  • Ferrari | 2.1 million
  • Alpha Taurus | 1.5 million
  • 9. McLarens | 1.4 million
  • 10. | 1.3 million

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