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The golf sector in Huelva recovers with direct income of more than 32 million in the last season

The Golf Courses Associationa member of the Tourism Business Circle, has made a balance of the results of the (2021-2022), which points to a some recovery “after two very complicated years”. The season runs from September 2021 to May 2022, unlike the usual period of the holiday segment and, therefore, totally complementary to it.

From the aforementioned balance it can be deduced that this season 176,586 have been reached green fees soldthat is, golf games, which represents about 63,000 green-fees less (-26.42%) compared to those sold during the 2019 season.

Without generating the volume of the year 2019, from the association it maintains that “it is an evident improvement compared to previous years that, in quantitative terms, have generated in the sector and in the destination of almost 32.5 million euros”.

Regarding production costs, the association highlights “the accumulated increase in energy costs this season compared to 2019, which are 176.67% more. To this must be added the increase in water supply for irrigation and those derived from the restoration section, which rise to 43.75% more.These increases they dilute the effect of price increases, which in a provincial average is situated in a range that goes from 6.5 to 8%“which is immediately reflected in the income statements of the companies that are thus affected by these absolutely disproportionate increases.”

Even so, “it is necessary to highlight the importance that this segment maintains with respect to the necessary deseasonalization of the destination that we hear so much about from all the agents involved in the development of tourism in our province,” they point out. In this way and according to the data reflected in the result of this exercise, “we find ourselves with the only sector that complements in an active and certain way the development of the tourist activity linked to the vacation segment“.

From the industry thanks to the Junta de Andalucía and its Empresa Pública de Turismo Andaluz “and, of course, to the Provincial Tourist Board of the Provincial Council, for the support that is permanently provided to it in the development of its promotional actions, operating a true co-financing of the same in a manifest key of real public/private collaboration, determinants without a doubt and necessary for the achievement of these data so favorable for the whole of the tourist sector of our province”.

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