The Golfzon golf simulator has promoted the practice of this sport throughout Mexico

By Vianca Trevino Navejar Written in SPORTS the 9/11/2022 5:33 p.m. Monterrey.- Golf is one of the most complete sports. It brings toget


Written in SPORTS the 9/11/2022 5:33 p.m.

Monterrey.- Golf is one of the most complete sports. It brings together dexterity, dynamism, creativity, aim, physical exercise, and, above all: mental exercise.

Studies have revealed that playing golf increases and improves your quality of life.

I once read in: ‘El economista’, from Spain, a fact that caught my attention:

”Playing golf increases life expectancy by a few years, an estimated five. This is due to the fact that physical activity is essential for health, and in the specific case of golf, in addition to being beneficial for exercising, it is good because it has psychosocial contributions since it adapts to all types of ages and sexes and contributes to having a good physical and psychological health

That is why it is important to promote the culture of this sport, especially in countries like Mexico, where there is not a golf course on every corner, and, therefore, not everyone has the opportunity to play.

The Golfzon golf simulator has brought the game closer to everyone

In a space of only 40m2, Golfzon allows you to enjoy +200 courses, play in groups of up to 6 people, modify the level of difficulty and try different game modes: 4 arcade (mini-games) and 6 tournament.

It adapts to the tastes, needs and interests of the people.

It is ideal for those who have never played golf and just want to have fun with friends, but also for those who are interested in learning the sport from scratch, or who already know how to play and are looking for the best way to complement their training.

Golfzon simulators have been recognized, for 5 consecutive years, as the best premium simulators in the world, according to Golf Digest, between 2016 and 2021.

Promoting golf in Mexico

In 2016, in order to redesign the culture of golf and bring the sport closer to all Mexicans, the Monterrey company Side Sports entered into a commercial agreement with Golfzon, bringing to our country the best golf simulator in the world.

Businesses dedicated to the sports entertainment industry detected, in Golfzon, the best amenity for their developments.

Hotels, stadiums, restaurants, sports clubs and complexes, apartment towers and even office buildings.

There are more and more places where we find golf simulators as amenities for developments, thus promoting the culture of a sport historically considered exclusive or even unattainable.