The hardest moment for Max Verstappen in this 2021: “I was in the hospital …”

Published: Friday, December 17, 2021 14:

“I was in the hospital all night doing checkups …”. The one speaking is Max Verstappen, recent Formula 1 champion, and he speaks about the worst moment he has lived this season in competition.

It was after the British GP at Silverstone, where he suffered a touch with Lewis Hamilton and went against the wall. He was immediately taken to the hospital for all kinds of tests.

“Sitting in the hospital all night doing check-ups, that was definitely the lowest point, because you don’t want to be there,” acknowledged the Dutch driver.

But there have also been good moments, of course, and there have been many. This is how he chooses them: “It was very nice to win in Monaco after the difficult moments I had there, some because of me, but also due to bad luck.”

“The two victories in Austria, my home win at Zandvoort, and of course now, in the end, the crazy result of this race will of course be a highlight,” detailed the Red Bull Honda world champion.

He also analyzed the tense battle with Hamilton, which was decided on the last lap of the world championship: “The competition, almost in every race, we have been pushing each other to the limit, with our cars as well, and I think that’s really nice to see. “

Verstappen has managed to dethrone Hamilton, a seven-time world champion. All this in one of the most followed World Cups in recent years. And 2022, with the new regulation, promises even stronger emotions.