The harsh revelation of an NBA player about the day he was a meme: “Everyone laughed at me”

Many times when criticizing or laughing at an athlete, fans forget that players are ordinary people and, like any neighbor's son, they may have pe

Many times when criticizing or laughing at an athlete, fans forget that players are ordinary people and, like any neighbor’s son, they may have personal problems that affect their performance on the field. Fortunately, mental health is no longer a taboo subject among athletes and there is more and more awareness about it, but this was not the case when michael beasleyformer player of Los Angeles Lakersbecame a meme for a situation that could have been funny at the time, but now that his own version of the events is known, he has shaken all fans of the .

To put in context, the situation occurred in a match between the Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2019. Beasley, who was picked No. 2 in the 2008 Draft, prepared to enter the game. But, when taking off the clothing that he was wearing on the substitute bench, he realized that I didn’t have the game shorts on, so he ran to the locker room to change as quickly as possible. At the time, the video went viral and generated countless views. memes.

Some days ago, michael beasley told in an interview with the specialized site HoopsHype what happened to him that day and shook the world of NBA with your statements: “My cousin had died the day of the game. I forgot the shorts in Oklahoma, but I was in a constant fight that day. Everyone made fun of me, it was very painful.He said Beasleywho played with Lakers from August 2018 to February 2019.

The hard story of the former Miami Heat, Detroit Pistons, among other teams in the NBA It did not stop there, since, when asked why he did not say anything at the time, he replied: “That year my mother died. I wanted to go to my cousin’s funeral that day, but I had already gone for my mom’s. I don’t like being embarrassed, my mom had cancer during that season and she lasted a year before telling us. She showed me strength, so I wanted to imitate her”.

Beasley was selected as number 2 in the 2008 Draft by the Miami Heat.

Beasleywho was never able to play at the level that was expected of him after a great stint at Kansas State University, assured that his mental health intervened in his performance throughout his career: “In my entire career, I never had the opportunity to show who I really am, how I can really play, show that I can really win and be somebody. That day, everyone made fun of me and hurt my feelings, I’m not going to lie to you”, said the player, who currently plays in Puerto Rico.