The heaviest boxers: their partners and life outside the sport

Within boxing, heavyweight has become one of the favorite categories and has made large sizes a trend. Some athletes sta

Within boxing, heavyweight has become one of the favorite categories and has made large sizes a trend. Some athletes stand out in this category as stars and with their size and weight they have achieved great feats within the sport and outside of it, earning the admiration of the world. Next, we tell you who they are, and how they have managed to get the most out of their extra weight.

Being plus size is no barrier to sports and romance
Today you can see in the world of sports plus size athletes who are among the best, despite not having the body considered “ideal” and being above the usual weight, this shows that anyone can be in shape and the weight does not discriminate.
Beauty and health come in all sizes and it is not only limited to sports, in romance being plus size is no longer a disadvantage. Many people have put prejudices aside and have focused their interests on plus size people. These have been opened through different options such as chubby dating websites, which bring together hundreds of open-minded people with this specific interest and put them in contact in a neutral environment where they can feel safe, without being judged and with all the tools so that the relationship can flow without complications.
Previously, being plus size could be a disadvantage, however, times have changed and being plus size is no longer a barrier in life and love.

Overweight boxers in everyday life
Within boxing you can find plus-size athletes who have changed the definition of “being in shape” and who have achieved great achievements, not only in sports, but also personally. Among the most prominent with excess weight in everyday life are:

– Eric Esch
Also known as Butterbean, he has never weighed less than 300 pounds, his maximum weight in combat being 417 pounds against Joe Siliano and in his daily life weighing more than 200 kilos. His peculiar appearance and the way he fights made him a cult boxer, achieving a record of 77 victories in his 91 fights, of which 55 were by knockout, 10 losses and 4 no contests. In his personal life, he is married to his friend and longtime partner Libby Gaskin, with whom he has three children, and has sought to branch out into television by accepting a docuseries and reality show.

–Andy Ruiz Jr.
Nicknamed “the destroyer” this Mexican-American boxer has been characterized as the strongest heavyweight today, despite his young age. His heaviest weight came in March 2009, 297.5 pounds for his professional debut against Miguel Salvador Ramírez, scoring a first-round knockout. From there he has gained and lost weight, as well as had some ups and downs in his career. After defeating the world champion in 2019, his life has been full of excesses, however, he has decided to return, prepare himself and has been seen in excellent physical condition and with a promising future.
His awards include the Ringside World Heavyweight Championship title and two gold medals at the Mexican National Youth Olympics. In addition, in his personal life he has married his girlfriend of many years and they have 5 children together.

– Samuel Peter
This boxer nicknamed “the Nigerian nightmare” managed to stand out among the heavyweights obtaining the title of world heavyweight champion for the World Boxing Council. Having maxed out at 291 pounds, he stands out for his rugged good looks and a professional record of 34 wins with 27 knockouts and 5 losses. In his professional life, he has stayed with his wife, Enobong Samuel Peter.
Weight and size do not have to be a limitation, on the contrary, it can be an opportunity as these star boxers have shown.