The highest paid NFL players of 2021

Like every year, Forbes has released its list of the Highest Paid NFL Players of the Year and although we have some of the expected figures, there

Like every year, Forbes has released its list of the Highest Paid NFL Players of the Year and although we have some of the expected figures, there are also some surprises. In fact, neither Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady They take the top spot on the list, leaving them to another key industry figure.

It has been a year of signing contracts with tens of millions of dollars involved and other quite generous bonuses. This is the list of the players of the Highest paid NFL this 2021.

Dak prescott

Earnings in the field: 75m

Outside the field: 12m

Total Winnings: 87m

As we mentioned, neither Brady nor Mahomes. Dak prescott it takes first place in 2021, mainly due to its earnings within the field with 75 million. 66 million of those were from the contract bonus he received for the Dallas Cowboys, the highest bonus in history after Aaron Rodgers in 2018. Added to that are his sponsorships, among which he is with Jordan and the Ethernity platform focused on NFTs.

Tom brady

Earnings from the field: 27.5m

Off the field: 45m

Total Earnings: 72.5m

For its part, Tom Brady, who led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win the Super bowl (the seventh in his career), the world watched him again with interest, having a considerable impact on his earnings off the field, generating 45 million for his sponsorships, in addition to the bonuses he received for his milestone at the beginning of the year without a doubt Brady it is still at the top.

Patrick Mahomes

Earnings from the field: 22.8m

Off the pitch: 22m

Total Earnings: 44.8m

Last year, Patrick Mahomes signed a 10-year contract, valued at $ 450 million with the Kansas city chiefs, in a deal never seen before in NFL history. Despite not having achieved the Super bowl, remains with one of the best salaries and had some bonuses for his performance the previous season.

Aaron Rodgers

Field Earnings: 22.4m

Off the pitch: 11m

Total Earnings: 33.4m

Although it was rumored that Aaron Rodgers I was going to leave Green bayChanging the course of his career, he worked on a contract in which he will remain with the team, still generating most of his earnings on the court. Outside of it, it does so with some sponsorships from Adidas, State Farm and Fanatics, in addition to being the founder of a website that serves as a sports database.

Trent williams

Earnings from the field: 32.3m

Outside the field: 1m

Total Earnings: 33.3m

Trent williams signed a contract of 138 million to stay six years with the San Francisco 49ers, and this year he generated a massive 30.1 million bonus for his signing. Off the court he doesn’t make as much money, but he’s still going strong on this list.

Jonathan Allen

Earnings from the field: 31.1m

Outside the field: 0.1m

Total Earnings: 31.2m

Jonathan Allen is undoubtedly seen as one of the key figures of the Washington Football Team and this year he signed a $ 72 million extension in addition to a rather generous $ 30 million bonus. Off the court he does not generate much, but he does have support from Ubisoft and Anheuser-Busch.

Russell wilson

Earnings from the field: 19m

Outside the field: 12m

Total Earnings: 31m

In 2019, Russell wilson signed a $ 140 million extension with the Seattle Seahawks, generating a $ 19 million salary. And it almost reaches that same figure with the profits of the sponsors, among which is Lids the clothing brand you are collaborating with, and Spin Master an entertainment company.

Trevor lawrence

Earnings in the field: 24.8m

Off the field: 6m

Total Earnings: 30.8m

Trevor lawrence He is already identified as one of the great promises for the future, being the first chosen during the drafts. The interesting thing is that he stayed with the Jacksonville Jaguars, a relatively unknown team, but has still started to generate another millions with large endorsements with Adidas and Gatorade.

Jared goff

Earnings from the field: 25.7m

Outside the field: 2m

Total Earnings: 22.7m

Jared goff had a contract change in the Lions from Detroit with a salary of 5.7 million. The rest comes for a bonus of 20 million this year. The man has sponsorships with Red Bull, Banana Republic and Fanatics.

Leonard williams

Earnings from the field: 26m

Outside the field: 0.2m

Total Earnings: 26.2m

Leonard williams of the Giants He also signed a contract this year to stay for three more years with the New York Giants for $ 63 million and received a $ 22.5 million bonus. Off the pitch it generates a little extra with sponsorships.