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The actor Keanu Reeves He visited the Formula 1 British Grand Prix last weekend, and he didn't do it just to enjoy the spectacle of the pre

The actor Keanu Reeves He visited the Formula 1 British Grand Prix last weekend, and he didn’t do it just to enjoy the spectacle of the premier class. Reeves, it has subsequently been revealed, is working on a documentary about one of the great success stories of recent F1: Brawn GP.

The British team, which was owned by Ross Brawn, only competed during the 2009 season and that year was proclaimed both constructors’ and drivers’ champion, with Jenson Button at the wheel of GP1.


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BrawnGP was actually the Honda team under new management. When Honda decided to leave F1, Brawn, who was in charge of the team and knew its potential before the 2009 regulation change, took over the structure. And, as could be seen in that season, the Briton was not wrong.

“We want to tell that amazing story,” Reeves said at Silverstone, where he was invited by Ross Brawn. “There’s a lot you can tell from the outside. A friend told me the story (of the team) and it shocked me. So we thought, ‘Let’s tell that story.’ It’s been great to see what happened that year.”

“It wasn’t just the cars and the new regulations. There was also FOTA, the threat of a new parallel championship… there was a lot going on in F1 at the time. The world of F1 was and still is extraordinary, but with Brawn GP that year something very special happened,” he added.

Reeves, known for films such as The Matrix, Constantine and many others, is also a great fan of the motor world. On some occasion he has come to participate in races for fun. At Silverstone he was seen in the pits and also in photographer’s bib, which allowed him to see the F1 cars up close.

The actor also spent time with Button, the 2009 world title winner, showing that the project is moving towards reality. What was not said, nor was there any clue about it, is when it will be released or on what platform it can be seen.

What is clear is that the world of cinema is aware of the growth that Formula 1 is having throughout the world. Reeves’s is not the only work that is brewing at the moment, since Lewis Hamilton is also working on a film with Brad Pitt and, on the other hand, several stars have come together to make a film about Enzo Ferrari.