The intercollegiate men’s soccer final crowned INEM in pre-juvenile

With a superb 8-0 win over Colegio Hernando Navia Varón on the Fenalco Kennedy field, the INEM Educational Institution won the title of th

With a superb 8-0 win over Colegio Hernando Navia Varón on the Fenalco Kennedy field, the INEM Educational Institution won the title of the junior youth soccer final of the municipal phase of the Intercollegiate Games, a contest organized by the Secretariat of Sport and Recreation, and as such it was classified to the departmental phase.

The great figure of the game was attacker Brandon Cajamarca, who converted half of the winning team’s goals. The others were scored by Yaír Valencia (2, both headers), Jhon Meneses and Juan Esteban Leudo.

INEM’s dominance was evident during the first half, which ended with a lofty 4-0 result after goals from Cajamarca and Valencia.

Despite the reaction of Hernando Navia Varón, who had a good start after the break, INEM was well placed in defense with Juan Hermann, Jean Congo and Ángel Yepes, as well as the timely saves by goalkeeper Samuel Mosquera.

In an isolated arrival by Brandon Cajamarca, he managed to get Jhon Meneses to hit from the right on the ditto side to convert the lapidary 5-0 at 12 minutes of complement.

Juan Esteban Leudo made it 6-0 at 18 after Cajamarca’s center, Valencia scored 7-0 and Brandon closed the account at 28.

“It was a final that favored us, we had a lot of fun. I worked well, I scored 10 goals in the tournament and we worked in a good way, we have a very level team in all areas of the field to look for a good presentation in the departmental phase”, Cajamarca said.

“The organization was very good, they were close matches, we won with the help of God and now we will go to play in the Valle area.”

For his part, Yaír Valencia, maintained that “it was not an easy game and thank God we were able to win, I scored two headed goals, I am very confident in the aerial game, the teacher told us to trust each other, play more and not despair.”

At the same time, the INEM technician, Carlos Obando, pointed out that “it is a very strong job that begins with the organization and institutional support to carry out the selection process in the school, fortunately we have a wide range of students to whom we can choose from the beginning of the year to form the group that represents our institution”.

He concluded that “the previous campaign was very good, it is important to highlight that the children had an excellent behavior, they performed throughout the competition and we closed with a great result.”

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Photos: Juan Pablo Velez

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