The ‘Iranian Hulk’ trains for his combat in MMA by punching concrete walls with his fists

Sajad gharibi, known as the ‘Iranian Hulk’, is getting ready for what will be his fight in mixed martial arts against the British Martyn ford, but what caught the attention is his peculiar training.

And it is that the renowned bodybuilder prepares for the fight of the April 2, 2022 bending steel tools with his hands, crushing watermelons, and punching concrete walls with his fists.

The images of his preparation were published on social networks and surprised the fans. “Yes, this is personal”, you can read in one of the posts he made Sajad gharibi in your account Instagram.

While, Martyn ford It did not take long to speak out before the images shared by the popular ‘Iranian Hulk’ and made fun of his training. “It will be a real carnage, a fight that I promise will surprise everyone.”