The Irene Frei population boxing academy

It is rare that in the villages or towns there are boxing academies, there are volleyball, basketball, baby soccer, but in the Irene Frei

It is rare that in the villages or towns there are boxing academies, there are volleyball, basketball, baby soccer, but in the Irene Frei Population for approximately two years there has been one where children, young people and adults come to practice a discipline many times questioned, but that continues to survive despite time.

With activity on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the gym of the La Casona complex, there a coach teaches them the different techniques with which they acquire physical and mental skills to face opponents at some point.

Boys, girls and adolescents with gloves hitting bags, experts, others doing jumps on top of tires, jogging around the court, jumping rope, doing shadows, leg movements and push-ups, etc. This is how future boxers and not a few female boxers are preparing in the purest style of Martín Vargas or Crespita Rodríguez, to achieve the perfection of the blow every day.

The president of the club, Miguel Fernández, pointed out that “this arose two years ago due to the interest of some adults and also of children and young people in having a boxing academy because they liked it, in addition the girls saw it as a form of self-defense. And that’s how things turned out until the Irene Frei Population boxing academy was established. Then came the social outbreak and we had to slow down a bit, then came the pandemic and everything stopped in person “.

For his part, Jorge Ibarra, secretary of the academy, commented that “this is a legally constituted sports club that has a board of directors and legal personality. It is non-profit, and corresponds to sports organizations as a functional institution, that is, like any other and the main objective is the practice and discipline of amateur boxing. It is also one of the institutions that occupy this gym, since here a volleyball club also trains and baby soccer is practiced ”.

With this of the pandemic, how are the activities developed?
Well, with the boxing teachers, via WhatsApp we have been giving them training guides in their homes to stay in shape. But now with the lifting of the quarantine and the guidance of the authorities, it has been possible to occupy the gym with social distancing and all the hygiene safety guards. Moreover, the practices are solo, that is, there is no practice between boxers.

What has been the most difficult thing to have this academy?
Get sports equipment, because the ones we have are between new and used, from gloves, training items, mouthparts, bags, etc. but they still serve us. I think the main thing for us is that we have the gym of the population to train and that is a great help. We are at home, in our own headquarters, so to speak. And we must thank the directive of the neighborhood government of the population Irene Frei since they give us all the facilities to be here.

What benefits can be obtained from this academy?
Mainly helping children and young people to practice sports, prevent social ills, discipline, respect and a lot of healthy friendship between everyone and registration and participation are completely free.

We also spoke with the coach of this academy, Guillermo Reinoso, who said that you can see many sports talents, a lot of rough diamond that you have to polish little by little, there is a lot of enthusiasm and desire to train.

For this practice, how do you assess the health status of the attendees?
As soon as an interested party arrives, whether it is a man or a woman, a medical certificate is requested that indicates that they are suitable to practice this sport and I believe that for any sport. Therefore everything is done properly, since we know that this discipline is high risk.

It is said that this sport is very violent and crude, what is your perception about it?
First, boxing has always been classified as something bad, but look, it is an Olympic sport and nobody says anything, we have had great boxers and nobody questions it. In cycling, motor racing, horse racing, mountaineering, etc. They could also be classified as violent and crude or dangerous, and what is more, an infinity of accidents or collisions have occurred with the result of death and it is not questioned. But with boxing yes, that’s a contradictory perception that some people have.