The Jake Paul factor in Amanda Serrano’s team represented a lot of money

To square the historic fight on April 30 between Amanda Serrano and Katie Taylor, the first time that two women headlined a card in the Most Famous

To square the historic fight on April 30 between and , the first time that two women headlined a card in the Most Famous Arena in the World, Madison Square Garden, and in which they won a bag of about $ 1 million insured each, there were many things that had to fall into place.

But it wasn’t until one came into play that everything clicked: the presence of Jake Paul.

The infamous actor, influencer, boxer, neighbor of Dorado and now promoter, in all his puerile performances and other more serious ones that have even led him to be accused of sexual misconduct, was possibly one of the main winners of the night after female fighters and women’s boxing.

He left Madison Square Garden that night considered possibly one of the main benefactors of women’s boxing.

“You have to be clear that in women’s boxing the purses were low and then Jake Paul arrives,” said Amanda Serrano’s manager and trainer, Jordan Maldonado. Serrano fought on two cards organized by Paul before signing with his promotional company, Most Valuable Promotions, which co-promoted the Taylor-Serrano bout.

“His presence in all this was very important. The fight, without Jake Paul, was offered to us at $500,000,” Maldonado recalled. “So when he adds up, he raises another half million, which is double.”

Eddie Hearn and the company he runs, Matchroom, have a promotional contract with Taylor and were the main organizer of the historic event, which clearly, since Taylor is the holder of the 135-pound belts, was mainly aimed at the British market, where Taylor is one of the leading figures in the sport.

Paul, a figure that in the era of social networks has just over 20 million followers and his videos have been viewed about 7,000 million times, is only 25 years old. So it is to be expected that many of his fans are young like him or close to his age. A new audience, perhaps totally unrelated to boxing.

“He brings a different fan base to boxing, and he was very, very important in (getting) Eddie (Hearn) deciding to give Amanda what she was worth and make the fight,” Maldonado added. “And in the end it was a total success, which exceeded expectations. People thought that the fight was going to be regular because it was between two women, but we broke many barriers.

In a New York Post article in December, Serrano defended the reputation of Paul, dubbed ‘The Problem Child,’ who in turn has said that he admires Serrano because he lives the boxing life 24/7, trains with total dedication and live in the present.

In photos: Tremendous fight between Amanda Serrano and Katie Taylor17 photosThe fight resulted in a controversial result.

Serrano said that people don’t know the real Paul.

“He’s in his 20s, and he’s living his life. But now he is doing something great and you have to recognize it, ”said Serrano, referring to his management on the Garden card.

Hearn himself said that “he is not as clown as he says he is. He has fallen in love with boxing, as he does with everyone”.

Hearn told The New York Times that the millions of additional eyes coming from Paul’s social platforms “can only be a good thing for boxing,” especially for its marketing.

Meanwhile, some question Paul’s commitment to women’s boxing, calling it another publicity stunt on his part to get more followers and more likes. He refutes it.

He recently told the Times that he had a vision of a trilogy between Serrano and Taylor in which the first fight was so good and so brutal that it sparked a second fight, “with a different winner in the rematch and the third fight decides things for once and for all. I don’t know, but we could be in this for a couple of years.”

In the same interview, he said he signed Serrano as his first fighter because he saw an opportunity in the way female boxers “were being mistreated.”

“I think it’s an issue that boxing needs a ton of changes, and women’s boxing is one of those structures that has to be fixed. Bringing in a new, younger audience was one of the foundations I identified,” she added.

And he has expressed that he is not interested in being seen as the patron of women’s boxing.

“I don’t really care about credit, to be honest,” he told The Sporting News before the fight. “I’m just excited to help Amanda get a massive purse and unify her division. I don’t need any credit, and if there is any credit to be given, I really appreciate it.”