The jobs that UFC fighters had before coming to the MMA company

Getting to the top mixed martial arts company in the world is no easy job. Aspiring star athletes like Conor McGregor or Jon Jones must m

Getting to the top mixed martial arts company in the world is no easy job. Aspiring star athletes like Conor McGregor or Jon Jones must make huge sacrifices while waiting for a chance to show what they’re made of in the UFC. Many cannot dedicate themselves full time to their training, since they must look for a job to pay for their preparation expenses such as diets and others.

While it is true that belonging to the official UFC roster assures you a future, the path to being in that place is very difficult. The athletes that we see every week inside the octagon have a unique story and here we tell you part of them.

What did these athletes do before joining the UFC?

Conor McGregor is one of the richest athletes on the planet, but he didn’t always enjoy the luxuries he has today. Before achieving glory in mixed martial arts, the Irishman worked as a plumber’s assistant until he decided to dedicate himself completely to the sport and had to live on unemployment insurance provided by the government of his country until he got an opportunity to shine in the UFC. .

Paige VanZant, who had a successful stint in the UFC, was focused on a career in dance. During those years, she was also presented with the opportunity to work in a commercial for cleaning supplies. But it was when she was looking for a new dance school that she stumbled upon a mixed martial arts gym, the rest is history. We all know the impressive career that this young woman has built in the world of sports combat.

George St-Pierre, a living MMA legend, worked picking up trash in his community. In this way he got some money while waiting for a chance in the sport. After having built a successful career in the UFC, the doors were opened for him to act in movies and series.

Micheal Bisping, a former middleweight champion, worked many jobs before becoming a professional fighter. Here we list some: as a postman, in a construction, as a tile setter and even as an upholsterer. Fortunately for him, his talent in the sport led him to become a star in the UFC and he is currently a commentator.

Roy Nelson, winner of the UFC reality show ‘The Ultimate Fighter’, worked as a substitute teacher at an elementary school. But his vocation was inside the octagon and currently he has one of the most powerful punches in the sport.

Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson, UFC flyweight champion and current ONE Championship champion, worked as a warehouse forklift operator. Currently he is one of the most important fighters in the history of his category.

Holly Holm, the woman who ended the reign of Ronda Rousey, worked as a fitness instructor. She was always linked to the world of sports, participating in boxing and kickboxing events, until arriving at the UFC where she became a bantamweight champion.