“The kid” Valderrama on National

The eternal 10 of the Colombian national team and ambassador of Codere, Carlos El Pibe Valderrama, spoke about the Colombian soccer final, the na

The eternal 10 of the Colombian national team and ambassador of Codere, Carlos El Pibe Valderrama, spoke about the Colombian soccer final, the national team and the one who wants to be champion of the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

“El Pibe” suffered a final again as he did in his time as a player. This time, not only because of the winner of the Colombian soccer title between Atlético Nacional and Tolima, but because of Víctor Reátegui, a person who had the opportunity to win the largest freebet in Colombia thanks to the advice of the eternal 10 of the national team.

With the joy that characterizes him, El Pibe enjoyed this emotional match that ended 2-1 in favor of Tolima, which was enough for Atlético Nacional to get its star number 17, since they had won 3-1 at home and won the aggregate by 4-3. “It’s fair winner,” he explained.

Also, “el 10”, answered some questions about Colombian soccer, the national team and the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

What do you think of the National title?

I didn’t think that Nacional was going to get two goals. He had to suffer a lot, but he is a fair champion. The Colombian soccer final was very good.

What happened to Millonarios who had been playing well, but ended up in the semifinals?

Millionaires was harmed by youth. It was the best team along with Tolima, but they paid for the hazing. The one who is going to win must have a combination of youngsters with experienced ones and they lacked there.

The Colombian coaches were protagonists in the finals: Gamero, Herrera, Torres. What do you think of them?

I have always said that I like Colombian technicians. We have good people to lead the Colombian team, but the directors decided otherwise. What I believe is that there are Colombians who are also trained.

What do you think then of the arrival of Nestor Lorenzo?

We already accept it. Although he prefers a Colombian, Nestor has arrived and we have to support him. He and we want to reach the World Cup, we have that goal in common. Now I just hope it goes well for him. I think Nestor has experience. He played the 1990 World Cup and as DT he was with Pékerman in 2014 and 2018. He has experience and I support him 100%.

Should Luis Díaz be our reference?

You don’t have to think only of Lucho Díaz, you have to put together a team, a selection. He is, but we have to put together the Colombian team. If we are going to think that Lucho is going to save the country alone, no. He is a team, he is the national team.

Does James have to be?

James is Colombian, he is a national team player, he is 30 years old. You have to wait where he is going to play and if he is doing well, he has to come.

Which team would you bet on to win the World Cup?

Colombia is no longer here, that’s why I would bet on Argentina for the World Cup. I force him for Messi. I think they put together a team that makes him enjoy and he has everything to win.

Who is the best player at your position today?


And in Colombia?

Daniel Ruiz, the one from Millionaires.

Best Colombians of all time?

Tino Asprilla

Best stadium?


Best cabbage team of all time?

The Colombian team

Should Barranquilla be the venue?

Yes, that is the home of the team

The one who for many is the best player in the history of Colombian soccer lived the last game of the final in Bucaramanga. He was accompanied by a group of people who bet on the victory of Deportes Tolima through the Codere platform. Víctor Reátegui earned 40 million pesos. “I am very happy, I never thought I would achieve it and now I will pay the debts I have and I am going to invest more in my pizza business in Bucaramanga,” said the winner.