The “KO to drugs” festival was held at the Andino Club

The event organized by "Puñalada Promotions" consisted of six fights, plus the exhibition that was starred by the undefeated professional from La R

The event organized by “Puñalada Promotions” consisted of six fights, plus the exhibition that was starred by the undefeated professional from La Rioja, José “Sansón” Rosa and Ezequiel Reynoso.

A new amateur boxing event took place this Friday night at the Andino Sport Club headquarters.

Called “KO to drugs”, the amateur festival was organized by Ricardo Atencio, through “Puñalada Promotions”, and supervised by the Riojan Boxing Federation, with Carlos Alem as attorney general.

There were a total of seven Olympic bouts, plus the exhibition that featured the boxer of the moment, the undefeated professional from La Rioja, José “Sansón” Rosa, who has a 9-0-0 record, and the fighter also from La Rioja, Ezequiel Reynoso .

The fights

The evening started with two duels corresponding to the divisional up to 60 kg. In the first, it was Benjamín Zárate’s triumph over Rodrigo Romero Morales, while later, Josué Maldonado took the victory over Luis Gallardo, in both cases after the jury’s decision.

The third fight of the night was the only one that was defined in advance, since Alexander Gauna won the victory over Claudio Contreras from Catamarca (category up to 52 kg), who was disqualified at the beginning of the second round, as a result of a header. He caused a cut on his rival’s eyebrow, which prevented him from continuing the fight.

For the division up to 64 kg, the victory went to Leonel Vera, who beat Rodrigo Zárate on points, while in the semi-depth combat, Gastón Morey was superior to Tadeo Elizondo and therefore took a justified victory on the cards , in the divisional of 81 kg.

And in the bottom fight that the event had, for the category up to 69 kg, Miguel Acosta beat Mario Oliva on points, in an attractive fight. Acosta started better and landed clearer hands in the first round, but then Oliva made a match.

When the fight had an uncertain outcome, Acosta landed a tremendous left foot that caught Oliva against the leg and sent him to the canvas. Although the sound of the bell saved him during referee Mario Rodríguez’s count, it did not prevent the jury from determining the triumph of his opponent.

What’s coming

On Friday 22, at the facilities of the Club San Martín, the next boxing festival will take place, which will have a professional fight in the background. On the occasion, the Riojan Alexis “El zurdito” Rearte will face the Santiago Nazareno “El malevo” Comán. In addition there will be another ten amateur preliminary fights.