The Local Futsal League leaves changes in Group B at the top

The Futsal League has brought with it a weekend of changes, mainly in Group B. As far as the Group Athere have also been c

The Futsal League has brought with it a weekend of changes, mainly in Group B.

As far as the Group Athere have also been changes in the upper area:

-Monaco Sport Futsal 1-1 VivoCuenca B

The nursery subsidiary was able to rescue a point in the last minutes, although it moves away from the upper zone. Monaco, meanwhile, missed a golden opportunity to enter the leading group.

-San José Obrero A 4-5 The Essence

Authentic match with a continuous exchange of blows. La Esencia knew how to pull off a match, despite coming with only six players and no goalkeeper.

-El Gallo Gastrobar/Pasteria Marisol 3-3 Global 5

Good meeting between two matches that displayed good football on the court of Samuel Ferrer. It is important to highlight the sportsmanship of both teams, since no card was indicated during the match. The three global goals were the work of Benita.

-KFE Lorka 13-1 Castilla Futsal

Meeting without much history, which allows KFE Lorka to be third, one point behind the Global 5, but with one game less.

-The Princes CF 1-6 Boni Bol

The Boni Bol continues to advance and is situated with 15 points in the middle of the table and little by little, it begins to look towards the top of the classification. The Princes continue penultimate.

The Electrojac rested this day and due to the puncture of the Global, it is placed as the sole leader.

*B Group

Group B has left a day of changes in the upper part of the classification.

-Villaconejos CF 0-4 Serrania FC/Mina Romana

The derby left a resounding mountain victory, in a match in which they were fair winners. Villaconejos could only stop the continuous onslaught of the greenish team based on fouls and generating an aggressive game. With this victory, Serranía is co-leader, although with one more game. Despite the improvement, Villaconejos is still last.

-Huécar Pub 3-3 Altobar-Fontainer

Puncture of the leader, before a good Huécar Pub, which could have achieved victory, since it acted with superiority in the last minute of the match. In this way, he remains co-leader with 23 points. It is true that he has one less game. For its part, the Huécar Pub is seventh with 16 points.

-Bar Mint 7-1 Mandala-Rinconcito

La Mint continues its meteoric rise and clearly defeated Rinconcito in a good match. A game that La Ceca dominated from start to finish and placed them in eighth place with 13 points. For its part, the Mandala-Rinconcito, falls to fifth position with 18 points.

-CD El Villar/Bar El Vita 3-0 San Jose Obrero B

Villar takes a match based on trade, to place third with 19 points. For its part, San José improves, but continues penultimate without leaving the lower zone.

-Hangar Soccer Bar 1-2 Altobar FC

The hangar saw how its initial goal was traced. A double by Darío culminated the comeback of the Altobar. In this way, Hangar loses a golden opportunity to look up, while Altobar enters the leading group by placing sixth with 17 points.

-Inter Cuenca 5-2 CD Fuentes

Good match for both teams, with Inter getting an important victory so as not to lose the upper hand. They are fourth with 18 points, while Fuentes, despite his notable improvement, is third from last.