“The Los Barrios Tournament of EL DEBATE was a great motivation in my career”

It was on December 6, 1996 in a duel that Manuel Tamayo won when a long and brilliant career began for one of the athletes who have given quality

It was on December 6, 1996 in a duel that Manuel Tamayo won when a long and brilliant career began for one of the athletes who have given quality to Mochitense sports and are a true example in any sporting discipline.

Fernando Montiel Martínez was able to chisel with great courage a brilliant career of 20 long and successful years in , adding five world titles, being a key element for Mexican boxing to have a most successful time.

The “Kochulito” Montiel (54-6-2 with 39 kos), is an integral part of a recognized family in international boxing and his bases also had an important stay since his first commitments above a ring were in several editions of the Tournament of Box Amateur from Los Barrios from EL DEBATE, like other successful boxers from Los Mochis who are also recognized worldwide for everything they achieved in this difficult career, such as Jorge “Travieso” Arce, Hugo “Incredible” Cázares, Humberto ” Zorrita” Soto, Juan Carlos “Zurdito” Sánchez and many more who with their achievements have put the city of Los Mochis at a high altitude.

Montiel won his first eleven fights by knockout, this being just a small preview of how much he would achieve in his career that culminated on April 30, 2016 against Jorge Lara at the StubHub Center in Carson, California.

The youngest of the Montiel dynasty won the WBO Flyweight, WBO Super Flyweight, WBO Bantamweight and Bantamweight and Super Bantamweight titles of the prestigious World Boxing Council

How important was the Los Barrios Tournament of EL DEBATE in your career?

The truth is that a lot, for me and many fighters that tournament was an inspiration, I felt privileged and I felt very proud when I had my first fights, I remember very well my debut and my first championship. It was a very beautiful and emotional time in my career as a boxer, always supported by my father and my brothers.

How much did the Los Barrios Tournament serve you in the many achievements you had in professional boxing?

Quite a lot because in that amateur competition you lay the foundations, you start the process that will lead you to be a successful athlete and I feel really lucky to have participated in the Los Barrios Tournament of EL DEBATE, I remember a lot the fights on Court Four and the world of fans that attended, I remember fighters from Mochi who were also starting out like Luis Valdez, “Zorrita” Soto, “Travieso”, “Toluquito” López, Álex Félix, Jaime Llánes and all that litter of fighters from that came out of that tournament. I had 48 fights as an amateur, I won them all and most of them by knockout.

Your most difficult rival in those competitions as an amateur?

The one I had against “Pichón” Moreno because he was much bigger than me and had many more fights. My father asked me if I was sure I would fight him and I said yes because I felt strong enough to beat him and I did. In fact, all rivals are difficult, but I remember that fight against Moreno a lot because of all the adversities that he had against me and that I managed to overcome.

How do you rate your professional career?

I think very good, the best because when I debuted in paid boxing I wanted a world title and I ended up with five and in all this time I always had the support of EL DEBATE with its sponsorship. My career gave me more than I expected and I really feel very grateful and blessed for what I did.

What kind of fighter was Fernando Montiel?

A fencing fighter, with a neat defense with a lot of school, he went in and out and always on legs around the ring, and then I became a little more versatile, I would go inside and provoke the opponent with exchange of blows but I always considered myself a fighter who I finteado a lot because it gave me good results.

Did you fight with those you wanted in your long career or do you think you missed facing a rival?

The truth is that I think I was missing some, I would have liked to face Vic Darchynian, Christian Mijares, obviously against Travieso Arce and I would have also liked a rematch with Nonito Donaire.

How do you imagine a match against Naughty Maple would have been?

“Obviously I won it, right, because I knew him a lot, but it was a very complicated fight because of the Travieso style, always very outspoken, very enduring, always moving forward no matter what happened in the ring. I knew it would be a very difficult fight but a fight that many people would have liked to see. The truth is I don’t know why that fight couldn’t be made, I never knew the reality of things but we made Fernando Beltrán see that we wanted that fight.

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What is Fernando Montiel currently doing, what is he doing now that he has retired from boxing?

I attend my gym “The Champ” in the Jiquilpan neighborhood, as well as a boxing commentator for some promotional companies and on different internet platforms and also giving motivational conferences. I really enjoy being a commentator because I like being a guide to what the public is seeing.