The LPFF requests the suspension of the draw announced by the RFEF

The Professional Women's Soccer League (LPFF) presented this Friday "a conflict of competences" before the Higher Sports Council (CSD), also reques

The Professional Women’s Soccer League (LPFF) presented this Friday “a conflict of competences” before the Higher Sports Council (CSD), also requesting the suspension of the draw for the calendar announced by the RFEF for next Wednesday. “The action of the RFEF represents a flagrant violation of the competence regime of the professional leagues and demonstrates its intention to boycott and prevent the professionalization of women’s football,” says the LPFF in a statement.

The conflict of competences is denounced by the announcement of the RFEF last Wednesday, in relation to the organization and celebration of the draw for the First Women’s Division. In addition, the LPFF “has urged that the celebration be paralyzed, since the RFEF lacks any competence.”

The LPFF remembers the professional status achieved in June of last year and, in May of this year, the signing of the first statutes to make the Professional Women’s Soccer League a reality. Thus, the LPFF explains that the organization and development of the pairing draw, with the preparation of the calendars and the event itself, “are the responsibility of the professional, male and female leagues.”

“No regulation attributes any competence to the RFEF over either of both situations. The professional leagues are the competent ones in terms of security, infrastructure, audiovisual and commercial marketing, among others, matters that affect and must be taken into consideration when organizing and establishing the calendars that will later be raffled off”, he adds.

In addition, the LPFF recalls, in case it were necessary, that the men’s professional football draw is held at the RFEF headquarters because LaLiga has so decided voluntarily “within the scope of its powers”. “In the case of the LPFF, the LPFF’s proposal was to hold it at the CSD headquarters in recognition of its commitment to the professionalization of women’s soccer,” he says.

“The RFEF, since the project began, intends to usurp different exclusive competitions that, without a doubt, belong to the organizer of the competition, that is, to the Women’s Professional Soccer League. And all of this, and this is what is most surprising, with absolute disregard for the multiple judicial and administrative decisions that have very clearly delimited their role”, he adds.

“The RFEF’s announcement represents a new and unnecessary conflict, as well as a direct attack on the independence and future of professional women’s football, its clubs and especially its players, and all with a single objective: to prevent women’s football from professional prosper”, he affirms, asking that it be accepted that it is a professional competition, “a country bet”, as stated by the president of the CSD, José Manuel Franco.

“The LPFF hopes that the Higher Sports Council, as the supervisory entity for the implementation of professional women’s competition, avoids this incomprehensible and ridiculous situation that can bring terrible consequences for the development of professional competition,” he concludes.