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The main recommendations for those who want to play golf for the first time

Trade Sports estimates that running, cycling and golf had a growth of new fans of these disciplines of more than 40%; above the traditional sports first timers.

The first thing is to lose fear. “While golf has been a sport that has traditionally been classified as ‘stiff,’ elitist and more, today you can enjoy it like never before. Dare to explore this wonderful sport using a golf simulator. With TrackMan for example, you will be able to play different challenges such as Target Shooting (Bullseye), Longest Drive, among others, which will bring you closer to a real golf experience ”.

Another point is, “After having a fun first contact with golf, I recommend looking for a teacher. The instruction is essential from the beginning to put together a game with good technique. With each shot you take, you will begin to build muscle memory, and it is important that these movements that you repeat are what your teacher has taught you. Also, if you build a good golf swing from the beginning, not only will you be able to advance much faster in your performance as a player and you will see results more quickly ”.

The third point is to have the right game set. “You can buy new or used clubs that are suitable for a beginner’s game. In the market you will find different options of clubs that will help you improve your performance on the field. There are clubs that are made specifically for beginners or senior players, which due to their shape, angle and other characteristics, come to ‘forgive’ mistakes in the game. Check with your teacher or a Fitter, which clubs he recommends ”, he added.

Clothing is another point in dress code. “Normally, on golf courses there is a code. It is not usual that you can train in jean and a shirt, each social club handles its own demands. Depending on where you live, where you practice and what the weather or season is, you will need to buy the appropriate golf clothing. There are fields where the use of shorts is allowed, others where it is prohibited. There are fields where you will have to tuck your shirt under your pants, for example ”.

Fifth, the famous golf glove. The grip is one of the most important points. “There are current studies that seek to see the relationship between the pressure on a player’s grip and his performance in the game. The glove will help you to have a better grip on the club, for example, it will not slip without the need to exert too much pressure on it. In addition, you will protect the skin of your hands ”.

The golfer María Paula Giraldo, and CFO of G Lounge, also highlighted why there are benefits when you start with indoor golf.

Then you have to go out on the field “with someone who is a good player or with your teacher. It is vital that before doing so, you know what the basic rules of golf are. What is a fairway, what is rough, what does out of rounds mean, what happens when the ball goes into the water. How the score is counted; why are there different starting marks, what is the par for the course, what is the par for the hole and how to find out ”.

Experienced friends. “In golf, not only technique is important, but also strategy. Which stick to use, for what distance, where to aim, how to stand. Each shot is completely different from the previous one, and you must hit the ball where it lands. Every hit is challenging in every way. Ask your friend what he analyzes in several of the blows he makes, it is valuable to think strategically ”.

Then, “after taking a few classes and accompanying your friends, dare to go out and play in the field. The advantages of making your first field trip in an indoor golf course like G Lounge are that you will be able to live the experience of a real course with Trackman ”, a simulator that also detects errors. “Thanks to this you will understand which club you should hit for each distance. You will start to manage the distances in yards. And of course, you will have lost the fear of playing nine or 18 holes, and you will be ready to play outdoors.”

Finally there are two points that conclude. “It’s time to go out to an outdoor field. Make sure you do it accompanied by a caddy, a teacher or a partner who knows how to play. He will be able to tell you with which club to hit the next shot. Likewise, you will see strategically how to stand for each shooting. If you are in the rough or fairway, or on a hill going up or down. If you fall into a bunker, you will not be able to touch the sand, etc. You will begin to love this beautiful sport.
Be very patient. Every day will be different. One day you will love sport, and the next you will hate it, “concluded Giraldo.


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