the Marist who founded one of the most important football teams in Europe

The football it is an institution in many places around the world. Despite the fact that some see it as just another sport, football has managed,

The it is an institution in many places around the world. Despite the fact that some see it as just another sport, football has managed, over almost two centuries, to be a reference capable of even generating political tensions. Despite this, in most cases football is capable of gathering millions of people in front of a television to enjoy 90 minutes of emotion.

Barca and Madridthe derby Manchester or the Guadalquivir duel between Betis and Sevilla are just three examples of the best-known rivalries in this world. Some teams even differ from each other due to very relevant details in society. For example, religion has become the excuse for one of the most important rivalries on the planet in this sport, that of Glasgow Celtic and Rangers.

sport and religion

Although the rivalry is focused on being Catholics and Protestants, in this text we will focus on the foundation of Glasgow Celtic. Thus, this Scottish team has a most curious foundation thanks to a Marist. Andrew Kerinsoriginally from Ireland, created this club to help the population against the famine that existed in the country at the end of the 19th century.

Known as Brother Walfrid, he applied for admission in 1864 at the order of the Marists in 1864. Once inside, the religious realized the famine and the material needs that the members of his order suffered, so he decided to carry out an act that would change the of Scottish football forever.

Thus, Walfrid founded the Celtic Football Club, in 1887, as a means of raising funds for the poor and disadvantaged Catholics in the east of the city of Glasgow. Despite being transferred to London a few years later, he continued his work hosting football matches and showing great kindness to barefoot Catholic children in the Bethnal Green and Bow districts. This charity established by Walfrid was called The Poor Children’s Dinner Table and was a benchmark for fighting inequalities in the area.

walfrid, what’s more, With his football team, he managed to convince both businessmen and wealthy people to get involved in the project. Thus, over the years he managed to raise funds through match disputes or other events for fight against hunger and other family problems.

Since then the club has been growing with charity as its flag. Thus, thanks to the project of this religious, the team became a benchmark in world football. Even the rivalry with the rangers It has crossed borders being a game known by practically all football lovers.

Walfrid continues to be, thus, very present in the team. In 2005, for example, a statue of the Marist founder was installed in the team’s stadium, Celtic Park. Its inauguration was even carried out by the Archbishop of Glasgow himself. because the religious is still an emblem and example in the club.