The Mercedes-Red Bull soap opera

Strange sport, Formula 1, very strange. There is, in the entire universe of sports competitions, nothing that can be compared to it in ter

Strange sport, Formula 1, very strange. There is, in the entire universe of sports competitions, nothing that can be compared to it in terms of the prodigious technology that cars, driven by true supermen, need to be minimally competitive on the tracks.

But at the same time, the regulations of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, the famous FIA, are declared obscure and indecipherable for anyone who is not a true fan. To make matters worse, the stewards of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix reversed the decision they had made, at first, not to allow Max Verstappen to overtake the lagging cars when he returned to the track after having taken advantage of the entrance of the Safety car to replace your tires in the pits. They changed their minds, look at you, and then the Dutchman was able to challenge him for the title, on the last lap and taking advantage of the soft tires – the fastest – who, in fact, had made the best race from start to finish.

A flagrant injustice, for some and, for other fans, a kind of final adjustment of things after a season in which Mercedes obtained, they say, advantages that it did not deserve. Lewis Hamilton was so touched by the defeat that rumors are circulating that the man is retiring from the competition. We’ll see, but this hectic championship denouement, on the last lap of the last race, was quite outrageous, not to say downright murky.

Send the money, of course, because the cars are colossally expensive, and most teams do not have the resources to even aspire to a title. Mercedes, in this sense, would be something like a Real Madrid, an entity of overwhelming power, although a hulking Austrian challenger motorized by the Japanese Honda has just appeared on the horizon.

The Mercedes-Red Bull rivalry went from being a simple affair between sporting competitors to become a bitter confrontation between Christian Horner, director of the red bull team since its very origins, and Toto Wolf, the person in charge of the Mercedes Grand Prix winning … Eight consecutive constructors’ titles, from 2014 to 2021!

Checo Pérez will continue with Red Bull, the only team that can currently stand up to the Germans. He also received censures and reprimands after the race for having served as a squire for Verstappen. Well, that’s what he’s here for and that’s why they gladly renewed his contract.

And yes indeed, F1 is strange. But tell me, are all other sports totally transparent and crystalline? I think, this … in the box. Or in the very football of this country. So…

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