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The millionaire salary of David Ospina in Arab football

In the midst of a hectic international football transfer market, chose to change teams after several years defending the arc of the Naples on the Italian Serie A.

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With the possibility of renewing in the light blue box, the coffee grower decided to go to a rather particular destination in global football. A league with a lot of money, but little competitiveness.

For the Colombian, the choice for his new club was quite complex. The former National sounded among the options to reach Real Madrid, Valencia and other football clubs from the old continent.

However, his choice was Al Nassr of Saudi Arabia. According to the portal portal, the auriverde club convinced paisa after offering him a salary of 3.5 million dollars, above the 1.4 million dollars that he earned in Napoli.

A sum of money that was difficult for the clubs in Europe to offer the coffee grower. However, the goalkeeper Colombia selection he was tempted by the economic benefit over the sports car.

For now, it is not known how Ospina will perform in the Arab league. The truth is that his lack of closeness to elite football could keep him off the tricolor’s radar.

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The Colombian team will debut in the Arabian league, next Saturday, August 27 at 1:00 pm facing the Al-Whada.

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