The most epic fights in boxing history

The boxing He has left us epic fights between the best fighters of the moment, either decades ago or last weekend's fight, which starred Tyson Fury

The boxing He has left us epic fights between the best fighters of the moment, either decades ago or last weekend’s fight, which starred Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder.

The fight between the British and the American reminded us of the clashes that have marked the history of the sport of fists, in which figures from Muhammad Ali to Julio César Chávez appear.

In Action LSR we leave you a list with the fights that marked the history of the boxing. Which is your favorite?

Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier

The last fight, the end of the trilogy between the legend and another historical one. The fight between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier is for many, the most epic in the history of the box.

The confrontation took place on October 1, 1975 in Manila. Both offered a war for 14 rounds blows for both sides and both with much punishment.

Frazier, with his eyes almost closed and no longer energized, did not come out in the last round. Rumor has it that Ali was about to do the same, but got up when he realized that the rival corner was about to do the same.

The winner himself revealed that he had felt what death was up close.

Julio Cesar Chavez vs Meldrick Taylor

One of the most remembered victories of Julio César Chávez’s career. On March 17, 1990, when it seemed that the fight was already lost for the Mexican, Chávez turned the whole scene with a knockout seconds from time.

Taylor stood out for his speed before the legend of the boxing Mexican. Chávez knew the only way to glory was to knock out and he did it to keep the WBC super lightweight belt.

Sugar Ray Leonard vs Tommy Hearns

One of the most explosive fights in the boxing, for the unification of the Welter Championships of the World Council of Boxing and the World Association. Hearns took the first rounds, but Leonard reappeared, Hearns took control of the fight again and in the thirteenth round it looked like he would have the win of the fight, however, in the 14th round Leonard knocked out Hearns to crown one of the best boxing fights e history,

Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder

Last Saturday, Fury vs Wilder became one of the best heavyweight battles, which allowed the Briton to maintain his title of champion of the CMB.

Five exciting falls. Fury was the one who began to do more damage when in the third round he sent to the canvas Wilder. However, the American got up and in the fourth round, he was Deontay Wilder who twice knocked down Tyson Fury.

The latter was the master and owner of the ring from the fifth round, and it was one before the end when he was in charge of ending the trilogy with a powerful blow to the face that made him fall face to face. Wilder.