The most famous crashes in history

Although nobody wants clashes, the confrontations between rivals are a common thread in the history of the F1. When the car is pushed to the limit

Although nobody wants clashes, the confrontations between rivals are a common thread in the history of the F1. When the car is pushed to the limit and the world title is at stake, nobody gives an iota. Max and Lewis are not the first rivals to end up off the track together and they won’t be the last. A quick look at the past reveals some unforgettable clashes between rivals in the fight for the title.


Senna and Prost, 1989 and 1990

Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost were the best drivers in Formula 1 in the late 80s and early 90s. In 1988 and 1989 both were at McLaren, the team dominated so much at the time that Senna and Prost could only fight each other . In 1988 Senna took the title, a year later Prost was leading the provisional classification. At the Japanese GP, the penultimate race of the year, Senna had to win to maintain his title options. Prost was leading and during Senna’s overtaking maneuver at the chicane before the finish, things went awry, the two of them hit each other and went off the track on the straight.

Partly because of that accident, the title went to Prost, but a year later the roles were reversed. Again the two collided in Japan, this time at the first corner and it was Senna who took the title.


Schumacher and Hill, 1994

Michael Schumacher has been a seven-time world champion, making him one of the greats in F1 history. He won his first title in 1994, but the way he did it was not without controversy. He started the last race of the season in Australia as the leader of the World Championship, but his advantage over the Williams driver Damon Hill it was only one point. In short, whoever wins in Adelaide would be the champion. Schumacher led the race but made a mistake and went off the track. Hill wanted to take advantage of the mishap and put his car next to the German, but Schumacher slammed the door. The result: a spectacular crash. Michael Schumacher had to retire, while Hill managed to get his car to the pits. The damage turned out to be too great and the Briton also had to withdraw. The title went to Schumacher …


Schumacher and Villeneuve, 1997

Three years after that accident in Australia, Schumacher was again involved in a mishap that decided the fight for the title. Also that season, the German started the last race, which was held in Jerez, leading the World Championship. This time his rival was Jacques Villeneuve. As in 1994, Schumacher led with Williams behind. The Canadian went to overtake the German and Schumacher, in the same way as in 1994, did not give his arm to twist. The legendary German driver was out of the race, Villeneuve was able to continue and took his first and only world champion title.


Hamilton and Rosberg, 2016

This crash may be remembered by everyone, the collision between Mercedes’ teammates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg at the 2016 Spanish GP. Rosberg had won the first four races of the season, something that Hamilton did not like. In Barcelona, ​​the teammates were so concerned about each other in the early corners of the race that the Grand Prix ended in a nightmare for team boss Toto Wolff when the two collided and ended up stranded off the track. .

Max during his victory in the Spanish GP

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This collision was part of the reason why Max was able to claim his first win in his debut with Red bull racing. In Mercedes the tension could be cut with a knife. Hamilton and Rosberg did not get along and, after a friction-filled season within the Mercedes team, Rosberg took the title just five points clear of Hamilton. Shortly after that last race of the season, German driver Nico Rosberg decided to leave Formula 1 and was replaced at Mercedes by Valtteri Bottas.