The most frenetic 24 hours of football

Today is a bad day to work in a football club. Or in LaLiga, that kind of panopticon from which everyone's accounts are controlled. It's also a b

Today is a bad day to work in a football club. Or in LaLiga, that kind of panopticon from which everyone’s accounts are controlled. It’s also a bad day to be a sportswriter, and watch out everyone else is funny. Today is the last day of the market, the day when everything procrastinated for weeks suddenly accelerates in a chain of contracts linked to each other. The coaches live it with their fingers crossed, some like Xavi, hoping that some pending reinforcement will fall; others, like Cholo, the other way around, fearing that some important piece of money will be taken from them at the last minute because of the financial control thing.

Why so late, why do we have to leave it for the last day? Why is this done with the national championships already underway, why not a month before and thus start them with the templates made? To the latter, the answer is that UEFA sets this date because in August there are qualifying matches for the European Cups and the budget of many clubs is very different depending on whether or not they reach this or that competition. And to the first, the answer is that everyone hopes that the need of the seller or the buyer will make him loosen his claims. And also that players willing to change agree to moderate their salary.

A day of frenetic activity, with operations hooked like cherries in an international basket of offers and counteroffers. In hours you have to finish operations that have been in the making for weeks or suddenly improvise to close a hole that opens. A multitude of names on the table, from Cristiano, who is still looking for a Champions destination, to the less relevant, passing through Aubameyang, whose unfortunate incident complicates his operation, or the melancholy Asensio and Raúl de Tomás, in search of a space to shine in the three imminent months with the hope that Luis Enrique will take them to Qatar. A fun frenzy… to experience it from the outside.