The most sincere Benzema: I don’t really like this type of football

Benzema together with Vinicius have been the benchmarks in attack for Madrid this season January 15, 2022 2:40 p.m. Karim Benzema was recent

Benzema together with Vinicius have been the benchmarks in attack for Madrid this season

January 15, 2022 2:40 p.m.

was recently chosen by France Football ahead of Kylian Mbappé as the best French player. The striker took advantage of his last interview to talk a little about the evolution of his game, current football and the exploitation of his teammate Vinicius.

Karim is arousing admiration in many followers, but he believes that he is still the same. “Apart from the statistics, by scoring more goals, I don’t see what has changed in my football. I’m still the same player,” he says.

The striker considers that the beautiful game, how the fans see it, has now changed: “We no longer bother to look at what a guy does on the pitch, just who has scored. And the next day, we consider him the best. It’s happened to me: I don’t play a good game, I score and they see me as the best. I don’t really like this type of football, but it will be more and more like that. It has become a sport in which you look at the statistics”.

“When I play, I try to respect football. For example, I can’t shoot if I don’t have an angle when there is an unmarked teammate. I’m going to pass the ball to him. I don’t think: ‘Ah, but possibly I’m going to score’. Everyone has their way to watch football, but I try to go in the right direction,” he continues on France Football.

Benzema’s objective is not individual, but collective: “I try to make others better”.

And it exposes a current case of the Real Madrid squad. “Let’s take Vinicius Junior as an example. We will only remember what I said (he refers to his words to Mendy about the Brazilian: “Don’t play with him, play against us”), this, that. I know I have contributed to him. You have to make him the question. Today, he is not the same player”.

“He’s been doing what he should be doing for a long time and you can’t tell him anything. He’s a young player, very good. You just have to talk to him. I know he was capable of producing much more. So in two or three sentences in the field, in two or three movements, I showed him things, especially in the last twenty meters”, he added.

“He has to make the decision himself, cross to make the decisive pass, not at all, or shoot to score. Raise your head, look ahead. He already started. Today, that’s Vinicius Junior!” he concluded.