The most valuable football club brands in the world in 2022

Real Madrid CF and FC Barcelona are positioned among the 10 most valuable football club brands in the world in 2022, occupying the first and th

Real Madrid CF and FC Barcelona are positioned among the 10 most valuable football club brands in the world in 2022, occupying the first and third positions, with a value of 1,525 million euros and 1,325 million euros, respectively, according to the latest Brand Finance ranking. In second position is Manchester City FC, with 1,327 million euros; in fourth place, Liverpool, with 1,272 million euros; and closes the Top 5 Manchester United, with 1,250 million euros

The independent brand valuation consultancy has analyzed the 50 most valuable football brands, with LaLiga clubs in second position in brand value, since eight of them are present in the Brand Finance Football 50 2022.

Real Betis enters the ranking again, placing in position #43which also includes Real Madrid (#1), FC Barcelona (#3), Atlético de Madrid (#12), Sevilla FC (#30), Valencia FC (#34), Athletic Bilbao (#39) and Villarreal CF (#40).

Real Madrid, the strongest brand in the world

Real Madrid FC maintains its leadership for the fourth consecutive year, registering a 19% increase in brand value this 2022, in addition to achieving first place as the strongest football brand in the world. This team has added has managed to win the The Spanish league and play on May 28 the final of the Champions League against Liverpool.

This rise in brand value in 2022 has been driven by a combination of factors: an improvement in its brand strength and a positive revenue trajectory, compared to the situation of 2020 that suffered a 10% drop in brand value, as a consequence of the pandemic and the weaker sentiment of the fans after the European Super League.

According to this study, the white club is perceived especially for having great stars, for their ambition and for the passion of their followers. It is also perceived as a club with a rich heritage and history and its good reputation. The worst rated its innovative and sustainable aspect with the environment.

FC Barcelona closes agreements with Goldman Sachs and Spotify

The FC Barcelona it falls from second place in 2021, despite increasing its brand value by 5% this year. About a year after Messi’s departure, the team begins this year without resources and a significant lack of liquidity, doubling its debt to 488 million euros. In order to solve it, has resorted to bank financing reaching an agreement with Goldman Sachs for the US financial institution to inject 500 million euros into the Espai Barca project to remodel the surroundings of the Camp Nou and for signings.

has also closed a deal with Spotify which will give the stadium its name and will appear on the jerseys of the men’s and women’s teams starting June 1, 2022 and for the next four seasons.

How is it perceived? For having “passionate fans” and for its historical richness in the category “a strong national heritage and tradition”, but it is, for the quality of its stadium, for what it is perceived rather than for its “good reputation” or for “having star players”. The worst rated is its ESG or sustainability, as well as the care or concern of the owners for the team.

LaLiga clubs, the second fastest growing

All the brands of Spanish clubs grow in brand value, as stated in the study. Specifically, Real Betis (+33%) followed by Atlético de Madrid (+30%), Villarreal CF (24%), Valencia (+22%), Athletic de Bilbao (+20%) and Real Madrid (+20 %). These eight teams are in the Top 50 of the most valuable brands in the world, coverall, increasing its value by 18% compared to 2021.

The premier league is the league with the most clubs in the ranking, with a total of 18 teams, with a combined growth of 15%, while the Italian, A serieshas seven teams, one more than in 2021 and growing by 43% as a whole.

The value and strength of the LaLiga brand contribute to its having the support of major brands, including Santander, EA Sports, Budweiser, Puma, Microsoft, Sorare, Dapper Labs, Socios.com, TVM Inc., Mazda, El Corte Inglés, Panini, LiveScore, BKT, Allianz, Burger King, Vivo, Cabreiroá and Marques de Atrio.

The agreement already materialized between LaLiga and the CVC investment fundwhich increasingly distances the possibility of creating a Super League in Europe, will strengthen 38 of the 42 LaLiga clubs and, ultimately, Spanish football.