The MotoGP World Championship is decided in unknown territory

This weekend the Asian tour begins with four races in less than a month, unknown territory for teams and drivers since they have not set foot on t

This weekend the Asian tour begins with four races in less than a month, unknown territory for teams and drivers since they have not set foot on the continent for three years. The MotoGP World Championship He has not visited these circuits since 2019 due to the pandemic. Motorcycles have evolved a lot since then: the motorcycle, the electronics, the casing, the tires… “It’s almost like starting from scratch,” Aleix acknowledged. The data from other years is practically useless, it is a new world.

This little trip through Asia comes with the championship more red-hot than ever, with three drivers on 17 points. Everyone agrees that this tour, which starts this weekend with the Japanese GP and ends in Malaysia on October 23, passing through Thailand (October 2) and Australia (October 16), will be decisive in deciding the 2022 world champion. The advantage he had fabio quartararo has been reduced considerably and is now 10 points ahead of the second, Pecco Bagnaiaand at 17 to the third, Aleix Espargaroalthough we must not forget Bastianini which is at 48 points.

The championship is tighter than ever with five races to go, and now a tour of Asia and Oceania is coming for which the brands have no data for the last two years. On the first day of free practice, the Ducati dominated with Miller and bagnaia in front but they were the first six in just one tenth. To top it off, it is expected to rain on Saturday in Motegi, which makes it even more unpredictable and detracts from the potential of the bike.

This Asian tour will judge the World Cup. Five races to go of the championship and the next four are played in unknown territory. The teams go game by game, as Simeone says, or rather race by race because each test is a new world to discover. Some drivers like Bastianini have never raced on these tracks in the premier class, while bagnaia and Quartararo they did so only in 2019. Others, such as Alex and Marquez They have extensive experience in these circuits where they have experienced everything.

Asia, MotoGP judge

Seniority is a degree and in this case it can play a very important role in the fight to win the battle for the World Cup. The great evolution that the MotoGP since 2019 makes the experience more important than the bike. Thailand, Australia and Malaysia are presented as three other different challenges to Japan.

The Asian continent is presented as a judge of the most even championship of recent times where anything can happen. At the end of this tour there may be white smoke, it may be that everything arrives equal to Valencia or it may be that the classification of a radical turnaround and it is not Quartararo who presents himself as the leader in the last race, anything can happen. You will have to get up early to see it, yes, but the Asian tour promises a lot of emotion.