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The NBA finalist considering signing John Collins

The decision of to look for a new destination this summer has aroused, and not exactly little, the interest of several franchises in getting the transfer of the Georgia franchise power forward. Until now it was known, according to what was published in the most recent , of Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks and San Antonio Spurs.

Now it has come to light that one of the two finalists in the last NBA Playoffs has also been interested in the transfer of Collins. As reported by Bleacher Report journalist Jake Fischer in one of his latest posts, contacted the Hawks on draft night to find out about the 24-year-old’s situation.

“The talks weren’t too serious. It didn’t seem like they were going to go beyond a simple call of business interest, but things can move forward soon,” Fischer said. The Celtics are looking for open fronts so they can increase their roster depth this offseason.

forced movements

Whether it’s because of John Collins or not, the reality is that Boston needs to modify its team this summer. The 7-8 player rotation used in the playoffs hasn’t gone badly for them. However, in the Finals against the Golden State Warriors, the difference in fatigue between one squad and another was demonstrated on many occasions in the tie. The Massachusetts franchise is aware of this, and it is expected that in this transfer market it will be one of the ones that appears in the most transfer rumors.

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