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The NBA is ‘wet’ about the Djokovic case

Several NBA players have taken part in the ‘Djokovic case’, finally deprived of playing the Australian Open after being deported to Serbia for not being vaccinated. One of the most fiery defenses of ‘Nole’ have corresponded, of course, to another Balkan, Nikola Vučević. The Montenegrin center of the Bulls believes that there is a political background behind it, as he posted on Twitter: “What happened to Djokovic is that politicians use their power to show off and thus gain followers. Very sad for how they treated a first class champion, “explained the interior, which then launched a second tweet.

“Also for me the saddest thing about this matter is that only two of his colleagues were by his side, everyone else freaked out…incredible”, said Vucevic, referring to the fact that only Zverev and Medvedev showed their public support for the Belgrade tennis player. In this way, ‘Nole’ found support from another Montenegrin player after Nikola Mirotic -former NBA-, transmitted to him cheers on Instagram. “I want you to be persistent in everything you do”, The Barça player wrote to him.

Red Star also positioned himself on Djokovic’s side. “Only for you, always with you”, posted on Instagram. In fact, the Serb is a recognized fan of the Belgrade team, whom he was seen supporting in the Red Star-Barça match at the end of December, a game in which he greeted several Barça players, including Mirotic.

However, so far, Vucevic is the only one who has had good words for Novak Djokovic in the NBA. The shooting guard for the Knicks, Evan Fournier, disapproved of the Bulls center’s opinion. “Na bro” responded to the tweet in which Vucevic referred to the political background of the deportation. Instead, the also tennis player, Nick Kyrgios, -always in all the messes-, seconded the opinion of the interior that very few professional colleagues supported him. “I’m sorry. I wish we could have done more,” replied the Australian, another of the few players positioned in favor of ‘Nole’.

Very clear for his part was the base also ‘aussie’ of the Nets, Patty Mills, in favor of the handling of the case by the government of your country. “The rules apply to everyone,” Mills snapped. For his part, Ricky Rubio also said: “I will start by saying that I have been vaccinated and so my position is already clear. Everyone is free not to do it but this is affecting globally. We have to trust to do the right thing even if it scares us. Lots of people are dying. I would like everyone to get vaccinated for this to end.”

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