The new Argentine soccer ball that looks to the 2022 World Cup

At a time when the competitiveness of soccer worldwide becomes a matter of vital importance so as not to give up advantages to o

The new Argentine soccer ball that looks to the 2022 World Cup

At a time when the competitiveness of soccer worldwide becomes a matter of vital importance so as not to give up advantages to other nations in the world, the great sports industry of the elements used in this sport cannot remain static in the face of changes that arise every year that a world championship is held. After the bombastic premiere of the new “Al Rihla” ball, the brand new ball that will be used in the imminent World Cup in Qatar 2022 from next November 17, the ball that Argentine soccer will use in the next few hours in all categories has now been revealed. .

The AFA -Argentine Football Association- in recent days presented the “Gotán Argentum”, the new ball that will be used in the Professional League and in Ascent, an element that was launched a few weeks after knowing the one that will be used in the World Cup in the United Arab Emirates. The launch, in accordance with the simultaneous premiere in different parts of the world of the ball that each country will have, keeping strict similarities with the one that the selected teams will use when they go out to play in Qatar, seeks to familiarize all the teams at this time of the year .

The new “star” of local football has some similarities to the one we can see in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, A Unlike the “Al Rihla”, the ball that will be part of the daily football of Argentines, unlike the foreign media sphere, it will have a visual context with greater shades of violet inspired by gender equality. Regarding the technical advances developed, the “Gotán Argentum” ball will present, at the heart of the round, the “CRT-CORE” technology, a linked system so that in games of greater intensity, and that the ball permanently retains its maximum form, the air and the precision in the rebound.

The new “intelligent segments” arrive

In addition, for this new implement, the “SPEEDSHELL” technology is applied to the ball, a textured polyurethane leather structure with a total of 20 panels for greater stability, avoiding potential damage during use. This system of “intelligent segments” seeks that the ball, whether in the hands of the goalkeeper or during the usual transfer of passes, does not see its outer circumference altered, deviating from the trajectory desired by the players during the course of the game. As it happened during 2018, Argentine soccer parallel to the world tournament is not far behind, remembering that in that season during the World Cup in Russia the “Telstar 18” ball was used, while in Argentina the “Argentum 18” was presented. , sphere that had identical characteristics to the one used in the World Cup competition on Russian soil.

There are two check-up topics that will only be known when the selection arrives in the United Arab Emirates in November, linked to meteorological factors at the place of competition, although the German manufacturing company also carried out simulation tests, seeking to anticipate those failures or inconveniences that may arise during the most important championship in the world.


The heat and the wind, sucumdúm, sucundúm

There are two issues that concerned the designers of the ball at the time, alluding to the extreme temperature in that area of ​​the world and also the harsh wind currents, although the new Qatari stadiums have an enclosure that prevents the strong filtration of wind currents during the encounter The German firm worked on the design of the ball in relation to its corporeality and resistance to high temperatures, without forgetting the dynamics of the ball when it is kicked in long-distance shots, checks that added a new and sophisticated wind tunnel to verify the natural reaction of the implement. In this regard, the studies left the technicians of the German firm more than satisfied, which at this time is dedicated to the mass production of these balls for immediate use.

Image: Adidas / AFA Networks