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The novel Lobo criticizes machismo and questions gender roles

The Journey of the East.Photo Cristina Rodriguez

Angel Vargas

Newspaper La Jornada
Monday, July 18, 2022, p. 8

If historically men have spoken for women,

Based on such consideration, the journalist also entered the boxing world, whose nooks and crannies until recently were closed to women, from there to criticize the world of males and discuss the gender roles that are played in society.

Such is the substratum of the novel Wolf, with which the author born in 1983 in the city of Puebla makes her debut in the genre. A black court work that addresses the story of a young boxer disrupted by violence and crime, in which he reflects on issues such as machismo, poverty, the marginalization of childhood and abandonment.

According to Blum, Wolf glamor

status quo

Because (boxing) is a purely masculine world, or not so masculine anymore, since obviously there are women in the business as well, but they have had to masculinize themselves to be part of that universe. They are characters who suddenly do deceive, they represent a challenge for the reader to understand, love or hate them; but, in addition, the characters, and that was the main intention, were excuses to talk in a superlative way about evils and vices that concern us all.

The Journey of the East–, the protagonist of this novel is not the boxer named Lupe The wolf Quezada.

This role falls on the instincts and fears of that boxer and how both aspects are confronted in an everyday place that may well be the ring of boxing or of everyone’s life, he indicated. How many times have we not had that fear that paralyzes us or throws us to make decisions!

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