The opinion of a former F1 driver on the physical difference between Alonso and the youngsters: “If he can hold on…”

Published: Tuesday, 23 August, 2022 14:

Fernando Alonso and his new challenge driving an Aston Martin at 41 years old. That has been the most talked about of the ‘silly season’ of Formula 1. Many have opined on what his options will be and if he will be able to win with the Aston Martin project, which he will join in winter.

Jean Alesi, a former F1 driver, has detailed in ‘Give Me Sport’ that he does trust that Alonso has made a good decision by changing the team: “I understand that there is a new investor in Aston Martin and that they are very ambitious. They have put the very high bar.”

“I hope that Fernando has made a good move this time because sometimes he has made some mistakes in his life. But Alonso being right with this change and finishing his career well would be a good story for all of us,” he says.

Can he be champion again? The former French driver affirms that if he were to opt for it, it could not be in 2023: “Winning a world championship for a team like Aston Martin right now… I don’t think that will happen, at least next year.”

“Of course he can win titles again. It’s not a matter of talent because we know he already treasures that. It remains to be seen if he can physically endure the entire season fighting against the young drivers. But I think he can do it,” he explains.

The key is that Alonso has been driving every weekend at a professional level for 20 years: “Today’s cars are very demanding to withstand G-forces, but Fernando has never stopped driving. When he wasn’t in F1, he raced sports cars and he’s always in a car, so I’m sure he can be competitive.”