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The Pemn hymn sneaks into the delivery of the gold to the boxer Martn Molina

The Spanish with lyrics Jose Maria which the Cadiz poet wrote for commissioned by Miguel Primo de Rivera and which was used during the Franco regime, was played this Monday in Yerevan (Armenia) in honor of the at the ceremony in which he was awarded the gold medal as the new European flyweight champion (48-51 kg).

The notes of the old anthem with the lyrics of Pemán – “Long live Spain! Raise your arms, children of the Spanish people, who are resurfacing again…” – accompanied Molina in the most important moment of his career, the achievement of the continental title , the fourth european gold that amateur Spanish boxing has achieved throughout its history.

The boxer from Tarrasa listened to the anthem with his hand on his heart and his eyes full of tears.

The outdated anthem could sound another three times this day, if the organizers do not change it in case the other three finalists who will dispute the fights for gold climb to the top of the podium: José Quiles in the lightweight, against the Georgian Artyush Gomtsyan; Ayoub Ghadfa in the super heavyweight, against the German Nelvie Hess Tiafack; and Enmanuel Reyes Pla in the heavyweight, against the Italian Aziz Abbes Mouhidine.

It is not the first time that the Royal March with Pemán’s lyrics has sounded at a medal ceremony with the Spanish champion.

The badminton player Caroline Marin in one of his world titles, the one in 2015, or Alberto counter when he won the 2011 Giro, among others, they had to listen to the wrong anthem.

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