The pick in the MIami Heat NBA Draft 2022: Nikola Jovic

The NBA Draft 2022 passed and in the case of the MIami Heatthe event left a single selection. The Florida franchise drafted Nikola Jovic with pick

The NBA Draft 2022 passed and in the case of the MIami Heatthe event left a single selection. The Florida franchise drafted Nikola Jovic with pick 27.

How does he play, what are the strengths, weaknesses, characteristics and statistics of this new Miami player? An in-depth look below.

How does Nikola Jovic play?

Nikola Jovic, forward of 2.08 meters and 18 years he served in the Mega Bemax of his country, a great quarry for the best Balkan projects.

Jovic was a starter in the Mega during 2021-2022, averaging 11.7 points, 4.4 rebounds, 3.4 assists, 43% from the field and 36% from three-pointers in 27.8 minutesthroughout 25 presentations by the ABA League. In addition, she was one of the greatest figures of the 2021 U19 World Cupbeing chosen for the Ideal Quintet after having an average of 18.1 points, 8.3 rebounds and 2.9 assists in 31 minutes (7 matches).

Jovic’s main attraction comes from his versatility and interesting conditions in attack: he is huge for small forward and that combines a very good outside shotwith advanced ball skills for someone of his height and age.

The most mature and immediately impactful part of Jovic’s game is without a doubt his three-point shot. The 36% in triples (almost 5 attempts in 28 minutes) that he shot in the last ABA League has the potential to grow as he consolidates as a professional. He owns a excellent mechanics, throws over the defense with no problem, was lethal in catch and shoot (43%) and also showed the ability to shoot on the move and from the dribblealthough there their percentages were much lower.

However, Jovic is far from just a shooter and has many technical qualities to play with the ball. He even functions as a point guard in certain passages of his team’s games, as shown by his 4.5 assists per 36 minutes. Good passing vision and used to operating from the pick and roll (13% of his possessions came that way).

Where Jovic still does not stand out is when it comes to scoring by creating his own shot. Quite simply because he lacks some fundamental assets for it: he doesn’t show a good mid-range shot on the move and he’s far from being a safe or explosive finisher. In fact, he just threw a 4-22 around the rim on self-created plays (clarified, pick and roll or low post). It is this point that takes advantage of his potential as a Lottery pick, since at least for now, he is projected more as a complementary piece, than as a star.

The other facet where Jovic must improve is in defense. He is a clear perimeter in attack, but he does not have a defined specialty in his own field: he is not a very athletic player for NBA outsiders and he lacks the physical presence to defend big men. He doesn’t seem like the most intense or aggressive bruiser either. He lowers production on rebounds, steals and blocks.

Jovic’s projection looks similar to that of a Young Nemanja Bjelicawith the roof of a Franz Wagner if he manages to improve as a finisher and increase his defensive intensity.