The practice of soccer in the world

TIME FLY, it stops at nothing and like who doesn't want to, we begin to forget the restrictions of the pandemic and, finally, all our leagues are

TIME FLY, it stops at nothing and like who doesn’t want to, we begin to forget the restrictions of the pandemic and, finally, all our leagues are already walking normally. Therefore, if you practice or consume football, you are in luck.

According to data taken from the Royal Spanish Football Federation through its Department of Footballer Licensing, both male and female, we are around a million federated practitioners, with the territorial federations of Andalusia and Catalonia where the most are processed, with Galicia remaining in fourth place.

THERE ARE VARIOUS CAUSES why our young people play so much football. Although the street has been lost, the free game, nowadays, most of the fields are synthetic, therefore, the practitioners do not get dirty, they do not get dirty as before and at home they do not quarrel about arriving covered in mud, in addition, this sport welcomes all kinds of biotypes and qualities, also, the need for little luggage, the ease of playing and the desire to have a Messi at home helps a lot. This is how sports schools and grassroots clubs proliferate, with a high number of participants, in almost all municipalities, so much so that we are already with saturation or shortage of facilities.

In the world there are some 270 million players who play football regularly, integrated into 1.8 million teams spread over more than three hundred thousand clubs that are dedicated to organizing and promoting it. It is widely considered the most popular sport in the world, due to its social roots, the affordability of its practice, its popularity, the money it moves, its fame and the number of practitioners. It seems that 4% of the world’s population practice it regularly.

More than a billion put it into practice, with some 4,000 million true fans, with the United Arab Emirates being the country with the most football fans. Brazil ranks first in number of players spread around the world. There are around 1,300 professional soccer players distributed in different countries on the planet. They are closely followed by France and Argentina.

GALICIA IS IN LOW HOURS, only has two teams in LaLiga, Celta and Lugo, but four compete in the First RFEF, six in the Second and 16 in the Third. We have the proliferation of women’s football, where Deportivo takes the cake and our Community stands out on the national scene with players with weight in the National Team.

We continue to grow in licenses and with Futsal, Gaelic and Beach, the figures skyrocket. The Galician Football Federation has around 61,000 federated football players and around 100,000 if we count all the disciplines. Galicia is consolidating itself as a power in women’s football, walking strong and with a firm step despite not having a team in the First Division, it is in the top 5 national records and it is going further.

The Santiago Delegation It has 16,000 chips and organizes and controls about 375 games every weekend, placing itself as one of the most important in the RFGF. Many of the data we are talking about can be found on Mondays in the sports pages of El Correo Gallego, it serves as a reference for me every week, to control the markers, the classifications and the following confrontations.