The “Promises of Boxing” tournament began, which seeks to make history in the amateur sector

The amateur boxing in Mexico started 2022 in a great way with the tournament "Promises of Boxing", that took place in the municipality of Coacalc

The in Mexico started 2022 in a great way with the tournament “Promises of ”, that took place in the municipality of , in the north of the , where there were 20 fights in categories from 10 to 17 years old.

The tournament had the participation of more than 25 gyms, which were key for this first function to be celebrated in a great way at the facilities of the Coacalco Regional High School.

This is the first edition of this great tournament, and the first afternoon of it showed that it will leave its mark on amateur boxing in the country, so that as time goes by it will be a highly popular tournament and that, as its name says, it will be the trainer of next champions of Mexico.

It should be noted that the championship “Promises of Boxing” It will be held on different dates in January. The next performance will be next Sunday, January 16 at the same facilities, later it will go to and, finally, the grand finale will take place in the municipality of .

The ranks in the tournament are “Rookies”, which goes from zero to eight fights, and the “Classifieds”, What are the boxers they have nine or more fights. On the following date those fighters ranging from 18 to 39 years will be presented.

Without a doubt, the effort of the organizers Enrique Romero, Elías Ramírez, Mario Moreno and Guadalupe Merino, in conjunction with each of the coaches of the participating gyms, are striving so that the contest has the spotlight to be one of the most important in the amateur boxing from the country.

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