The public will return to the stadiums of the NBA. Ticket sales madness

After months of waiting and a season with empty stadiums, we can now travel to the United States and experience the NBA live again... and tickets

After months of waiting and a season with empty stadiums, we can now travel to the United States and experience the NBA live again… and tickets are flying.

Can you imagine living live a NBA game in New York at Madison Square Garden? See Lebron and his Lakers live? Or would you prefer to enjoy the legendary team that the Nets have? Memorize the key dates of the new 2021-2022 NBA season.

The best league of the world is about to start, it has already released the schedule and tickets for all the games. The season will officially kick off on October 20 after a couple of weeks of pre-season. The Playoffs will begin on April 16, 2022.

After the 2019 exception, the 30 teams from the Eastern and Western Conferences will once again battle it out to qualify for the Playoffs in 82 regular league games.

The data of the first weekend with tickets on sale

“Since the opening of the United States borders has been announced, NBA ticket sales have been crazy and are already approaching the levels of 2019, being the Nets, the Knicks and the Lakers the teams that have sold the most in Spain, by far. Thanks to Luka Doncic, the Mavericks have sneaked some games among the best sellers internationally”, confirms Jorge Díaz Largo, CEO of Hellotickets.

According to data from Hellotickets, France (spurred by its Olympic final), Spain, Italy and Germany are the countries that have bought the most tickets. The most chosen date is that of the biggest meeting of stars in decades (not counting the All-Star): the game between the Nets and Lakers on January 25, 2022.

They complete the top 5:

– The Nets – Mavericks on March 16 (Doncic has a lot to do)
– The Lakers – Nets on December 25 Christmas Day
– The New York Derby at Madison Square Garden: Knicks – Nets on February 16
– And a game of the current champion in his visit to Brooklyn, Nets-Milwaukee Bucks Three Kings Day, January 6.


For the first time the Brooklyn Nets are the best-selling team: their sales increase by 300%!

Considering that last season there was no public in the NBA, this is the first time that international fans can see the “Big Three” of the Nets live. Until now, according to data from Hellotickets, the Knicks had been the quintessential team: watching a game at Madison Square Garden is something you have to do once in your life.

However, the weight of the Hardens, Durant and company is very great, and there has been a “sorpasso” by the Nets… and at full speed! Nets ticket sales are up an 300% compared to 2019. It seems that the stars are profitable…


How to buy NBA tickets

If you are among the lucky ones planning a trip to the United States in the coming months and you don’t want to miss out on the chance to see your idols live, the Spanish website Hellotickets has been number 1 in Europe for years in ticket sales for the NBA.

It has customer service in Spanish and they accept payments in euros instead of dollars (so as not to waste on currency exchange) and allows you to choose your ticket by checking which one it is the exact view from every seat.

*NBA sales for the 2021-2022 season from Spain at Hellotickets.
top 10 best selling games

1. Brooklyn Nets – Los Angeles Lakers, January 25 (2022)

2. Brooklyn Nets – Dallas Mavericks, March 16 (2022)

3. Los Angeles Lakers vs. Brooklyn Nets, Dec. 25

4. New York Knicks – Brooklyn Nets, February 16 (2022)

5. Brooklyn Nets – Milwaukee Bucks, Jan. 6 (2022)

6. New York Knicks – Brooklyn Nets, April 6 (2022)

7. New York Knicks vs. Golden State Warriors, Dec. 14

8. Brooklyn Nets-Miami Heat, Oct. 27

9. Golden State Warriors – Los Angeles Lakers, February 12 (2022)

10. Los Angeles Lakers – LA Clippers, April 11 (2022)