The reason the Terrible Morales hated Rocky

Within the world of boxing, there are many characters who have stood out and have become the label of "legend", from Muhammad Ali, Mike Ty

Within the world of , there are many characters who have stood out and have become the label of “legend”, from Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Julio César Chávez, Héctor Macho Camacho, Manny Pacquiao, among others. However, there is one that became mythical from the screens: .

The Rocky Balboa saga made him historic and an example for many within boxing and is considered the best boxing movie. In it, the story of his life is captured, his training sessions, triumphs, defeats, etc.

However, not everyone has the same admiration for him. Such is the case of , who pointed out that at first he did not agree with the plots, as they did not seem as serious as necessary.

For his part, Marco Antonio Barrera also mentioned that they are films very attached to boxing reality. During an edition of the podcast ‘One more round’, the subject of the fights that are scheduled for Christmas or New Year around the world was touched, and they remembered the fourth installment of Rocky, in which he faces Iván Drago on these dates.

“Many people, especially me when I was a child, hated those films. I had no respect for them, I said how they can make films of something that is as serious as this (Christmas). But as time goes by you realize that no, that Yes it goes a lot to reality and that just like he (Rocky) ran in the snow, that’s right, “said .

“The training sessions, what we talked about hitting the firewood is also true. So, in reality, they are films that look like a lot of science fiction but are very close to reality. Today I have a lot of affection for those Rocky films and I have not seen all of them, but that of Iván Drago was the plus, “he added.

For its part, Marco Antonio Barrera also gave a comment about the saga and explained that “one comes humble, you start to grow and see different things”

Cross with Sylvester Stallone

At the same time, both former boxers began talking about the time Sylvester Stallone was inducted into the Hall of Fame along with Julio César Chávez.

“Do you remember we were there in Los Angeles with Sylvester Stallone? I remember that when a good boxer arrives, you get a little closer and people push you aside, they relegate you. ‘No, the champion gets mad’ and that sort of thing. The production told me that he could not be disturbed, that he is a very serious person and I wanted a photo. But you see that later he arrived and said: A photo with the champions, ”recalled Barreta Barrera.

“Actually, they didn’t tell me anything, but I’m very embarrassing and it wasn’t that the intention to… Whoever it is, sometimes I can put up with it. And that time it was important, but in one way or another we took the photos and took advantage of it, ”argued the Terrible.