The revolution ‘made in NBA’, by Cristina Cubero

CChris Wallacegeneral manager of the memphis grizzliesapproached Pau Gasol in the dressing room. Year 2008. Pau He had played six and a half seasons at the club memphis with whom he had a contract. “Pauyou have just been transferred to the Lakers“, Told him Wallace. Pau thought it was a joke. No one consulted him NBA it is not consulted, the franchises decide, they only have to respect the contracts: file and duration. The transfer catapulted Pau’s career but his franchise would have been able to transfer him where he would have wanted as he spends every year with NBA players. He is the model but to apply it to football it would take a real revolution and put an end to the crazy idea that footballers are workers.

Not a single offer has arrived Barca for the footballers who have known since May that they do not count for the coach: Umtiti, memphis, Braithwaite, destination… That does not mean that important clubs have not been interested in them, they simply have not passed the first filter, which is to convince the player to accept the offer. Barça will not cause problems, some of them would march with the letter of freedom, but you live very well in Barcelona: sun, beach, good restaurants, good stadium, glamour… and on top of that without the pressure of championships like the Italian one, which if you don’t count they send you to play with the subsidiary. Here it is even frowned upon to separate a footballer who does not count for the coach.

If you explain it to a general manager of the NBA, if you tell him that there are footballers who know that they are not going to play for a minute, that they have offers from other clubs to play and that they prefer to stay because they live very well here, he would quickly send the lawyers to see if they can start a revolution that save football There they are very clear that ‘fair play’ is as sacred as the salary limit. But in the Barca a veteran footballer, who is looking for a replacement, earns 31 million euros per season suffocating the club and says what everyone says: in Barcelona you live very well.