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The richest football team owners in the world

The richest football team owners in the world

In April 2022, Forbes released a list of the 10 richest team owners in the sports industry. This was dominated primarily by football franchise owners, while one football figure was very lonely in third place: Francois Pinaultthe owner of Stade Rennais F.C.

Dietrich Mateschitz

Another figure on the list is Dietrich Mateschitzwho owns the RB Leipzigand the American team New York Red Bullsplus he also owns the racing team Red Bull Racing (which has become one of the most important). According to figures from Forbes, has a value of 27.4 billion dollars. In another list from 2021 it was mentioned that it was worth 15.7 billion euros.

Dietrich Mateschitz, one of the most valuable owners.NurPhoto

Philip Anschutz

In tenth place on the list is Philip Anschutz, who throughout his life has invested in a large number of hockey and teams (as well as owning the famous Coachella music and arts festival). He currently owns los angeles kings and the LA Galaxy, in addition to continuing to invest in other sports teams. According to Forbes in 2022 he has a net worth of 10.9 billion dollars.

Other names

The 2021 list, reported by Goal, shows us some names not considered on the list Forbes, in addition to other team owners who have the most money. According to your data, the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia would be the most valuable owner having bought 80% of shares in the Newcastle FC, one of the richest clubs, in addition to having other large investments in companies and projects in different countries. According to Goal it would have a value of 430 billion dollars.

Sheikh Mansour would take second place by owning Manchester City, Melbourne City and New York City, three teams in three different leagues, which gave him a value of $20 billion last year. After him follows Dietris Mateschitzand then we find Andrea Agneli and his family, who owns Juventus and gave them a value of 13.5 billion dollars.

A relevant name on the list is Roman Abramovich, the Russian businessman who owned Chelsea and who in 2021 would be worth 12.4 billion dollars. In 2022 the man was the center of controversy for his links with Vladimir Putin, who decided to start a war against Ukraine. This resulted in the man selling the club due to the situation and being disqualified as team manager. Here we leave you the complete list of 2021:

These would be the most valuable team owners, however, each year the figures can change. It is a complex business.

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