The Sainz in ‘El Hormiguero’: Competitiveness, Formula 1 and an accident

Carlos Sainz and Carlos Sainz Jr. visited the Pablo Motos set on Wednesday for the premiere of 'Sainz: Live to Compete', a documentary series that

The Sainz in ‘El Hormiguero’: Competitiveness, Formula 1 and an accident

Carlos and Carlos Sainz Jr. visited the Pablo Motos set on Wednesday for the premiere of ‘Sainz: Live to Compete’, a documentary series that reviews the more than three decades of Carlos Sainz Sr.’s career and which has been available on Amazon Prime Video since last December 2.

For the first time, father and son, they went together to ‘El Hormiguero’ and no topic was left in the pipeline.


The Sainz spoke with the presenter of the television space, not only about the documentary, but also about many other matters, starting with the profession of Carlos Jr., a 1 driver.

Motos wanted to know the secrets to beat the best in the circuit like Hamilton or Verstappen. Carlos Sainz Junior explained that if doing it depended on the car you are driving it would not be a problem, but times are something else: ” With the same car you can, but this year they were between 8 tenths and 1 second per lap faster and among riders I want to think that there are no more than two or three tenths, so no matter how good you are or how good a day you have, you cannot beat them. I hope everything is more even next year“Carlos counted.

On beating Leclerc, his teammate, too Sainz son wanted to pronounce himself and he has revealed that within the sport he is dedicated to, winning another car like yours is important: “I don’t know if my status at Ferrari changes, but in F1, the importance of winning is given to the only one who drives the same car, the only one that can be compared with you among the 20 pilots, for that reason it has been symbolic but also important “.

In addition, he has not only talked about the competition itself, t It has also resolved the question of the presenter of the program, who could not help asking if his neck had grown since he has been an F1 driver, as is the case with most of those who are dedicated to this sport: ” I have grown yesAfter 22 races it grows, it swells, but now that I stop, it becomes normal again, it shrinks and then it will grow again, “said Sainz.


During his speech in ‘El Hormiguero’, Sainz Jr. has also made it clear that he is delighted with his current team: ” Yes, I’m not going to deny it, it’s cool. Ferrari is another level, they take care of you, you travel all over the world and wherever you go there is a base of ‘tifosi’, that heat. I’m going to buy my first car, a Ferrari, but where I land I have one, a different one, they give me the key, I try it, you have it waiting for your arrival, it’s cool. If I lightning, nothing happens, although this year they made me pay for it … no, not seriously, nothing “he said funny.


The two Carlos They have not only talked about their respective professions, they have wanted to tell other more personal and family anecdotes and have talked about the healthy competition that exists between both.

Carlos Sainz assured that his son beats him in practically everything: “He triumphs in squash. He was champion of Spain and makes me run and uses it to train me”. He also added that he is also beginning to lose in other types of sports, such as golf, because the Ferrari driver has practiced with professionals.

It seems that until then Sainz Sr. does not mind losing against his successor, but his son wanted to explain with a little humor that it does not suit him as well as it makes him see: “When I win, he tries to pretend, with a smile of ‘ Today he has won me ‘, but when I am the one who loses he enters the house saying “Reyes guess what happened today”, sticking out his chest, “Carlos said.


The world rally champion, has counted in the Motorcycle program the worst moment you have lived since your son was a professional pilotl, an during free practice at the Russian Grand Prix in 2015.

“It is one of the most difficult moments I can remember, when he had the accident in Russia, that Reyes (his wife) and I were watching. They were 20 minutes that I do not wish anyone because they covered the car and we did not know how it was “and he added that the anguish did not last longer thanks to the detail that Jean Todt had with him:” You think something might have happened, you watch the movie very quickly and ask yourself a lot of questions. I remember when Jean Todt called me, it was a detail, I don’t know how he knew, but he told me that he thought he was conscious and well when he was still in the car. ”

It was fine, but I couldn’t get out because I had the barrier over it, until they took me out ” his son pointed out, although he admitted that he had suffered a strong blow, luckily without any consequence, something that was almost a miracle.