The salary limit for Basque soccer teams increases

The salary limit It is the maximum amount that a professional football club can spend on player and coach salaries. The corporate general dir

The salary limit It is the maximum amount that a professional football club can spend on player and coach salaries. The corporate general director of LaLiga, José Guerra, explained this Wednesday the salary cost limits in an informative session in which he revealed that Barcelona has gone from being the second club with the most cost margin in the LaLiga Santander squad, with 347, 1 million euros, to the seventh, with only 97.9.

Guerra assured that such a pronounced reduction of the limit of Barcelona is due not only to the losses of the previous year, but also to the cost excesses incurred the previous season. “That it has presented income of 765 million and can only use 97 is a consequence of previous losses,” he explained.

The Real Madrid It is the group with the most spending on staff allowed in the competition, which has also experienced a notable increase, going from being able to spend 473.3 million euros last January 2021 to 739 in September, 56% more. This increase is due, according to Guerra, to the fact that the white club has added to its limit 18.3 million for transfer income and contributed 292.5 million euros of own funds from benefits from previous seasons, which could have been useful to undertake hires like that of the French striker Kylian Mbappé, of the Paris Saint-Germain, finally not achieved. “Real Madrid was prepared to sign Mbappé. He would not have had any problem,” confirmed Guerra, who described the financial management of the white club as “excellent.”

In second place is Sevilla, which The league It has increased its available limit by 20 million euros, thus exceeding Atlético de Madrid, to which the management has cut its cost limit by 46 million, from the 217 it had in January to the current 171. Regarding the rojiblanco team, current champions of the competition, Guerra explained that this reduction in the limit is due to the fact that he exceeded the staff spending allowed last season and the impact of the pandemic on his accounts, leaving him without income from the box office. “The big clubs like Atlético, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, ValenciaThey depend a lot on the sports ticket offices and the subscribers, they are the ones who have suffered the most. This will be adjusted as normality returns to the club’s income and we can fill the stadiums and have the museums open, “explained Guerra.

Villarreal also increased their possibility of spending on footballers and technicians, from 142 to 159 million; the Real society, from 95 to 127 million; the Athletic club, with a slight increase of one million in its limit, from 110.7 to 111.8; and the Deportivo Alavés, from 39.4 to 42.8.