The second day of the National Golf Open was completed in Cali

With no rain all day, the round of the 74th Colombian ‘Copa Joaquín and Tomás Samper Brush’ was a great day of golf at the Club Campestre de Cali.

The traditional requirement of the Valle del Cauca field, together with the complicated flags, made the low scores almost a luxury; in the open category only six players achieved red numbers, while in the amateur ladies there were none.

At the top of the board are Camilo Aguado and Juan Sebastián Roa on this second day, who dropped the amateur Sebastián Trujillo (CC Ibagué), leader since Thursday in Cali.

The two professionals reported a card of 68 strokes (-3) to reach -5 in the accumulated, while Trujillo had 71 (E). Carlos Alberto Duque, the best card of the day with 68 (-4), Matthew Bryan, Juan Pablo Luna and Santiago Rivas are fourth at -1 for the championship. Aguado came out with a birdie on holes 2, 3, 4, 8 and 13, as well as a bogey on holes 1 and 7, while Roa made an eagle on holes 7 and 11, a birdie on 15 and a bogey to 14 and 18.

“I hit him super well. The truth is that it was a pretty good round in every sense. There were a couple of little mistakes that didn’t go so well, but it was a very positive lap. There are not so many easy flags, but in general very complex and Easy putts are very complicated”, commented Camilo.

The dispute in the women’s category was to ‘rent a balcony’ with the last group of the day in a very even ‘match’.

Although María José Marín (Farallones) maintained the lead after signing with 74 hits (+3), -1 in total, Ana Sofía Murcia (Club Militar) is second at +1, 74 (+3) this round, and María José Bohórquez (Pueblo Viejo) is third at +2 after reporting 72 (+2).

“The round was very complicated. I didn’t play my best golf, I had some problems with the ‘putt’ and that was one of my biggest problems. The position of the flags was much more complicated, they were very strategic flags”, added ‘Majo’.

For this Saturday the departures of the open category will be in ‘threesomes’ for professionals and ‘threesomes’ for amateurs. Together with the ladies, everyone will go out through the ‘tee’ of hole 1.