The soccer team of Colombian friends that will play at the home of Real Madrid

They traveled from Medellin to win the Codere Colombia Cup and now they are ready to go to to represent the country in the final round of the tournament, which will take place next September at the Real Madrid sports venue in Valdebebas.

Society is a team of soccer fans who have been playing together for several years and participating in tournaments like the one played this Saturday at the Cafam sports venue in Bogotá.

On this occasion, a group made up of nine who packed their bags on Friday afternoon, arrived at night and on Saturday won the title.

“You cannot imagine the happiness we all feel. We are a great team that has been playing together for a long time and we have never had an achievement like this. We cry with joy and hope to raise the name of the country in Spain”, expressed Leonardo Ossa, the captain of the champion team, with obvious emotion.

Soccer Society was the best of the 32 participating teams in this Codere Cup, which had 288 players between men and women.
Even the MVP of the tournament was also from this squad, Juan Quintero.

“Coming from Medellin, we knew that we couldn’t be eliminated in the first game. Then we got comfortable in the following rounds (eighth, quarter, semifinal and final) and we achieved the goal. At this age, you don’t think you’re going to be able to go to a club like Real Madrid to play football. It is a dream for all this group of friends”, said Quintero.

The runner-up team was Arsenal, in which its players Julián Guillermo and Ricardo Villarraga stood out. They lost 1-0 in the final match, precisely with a goal from the MVP contest, Juan Quintero.

The tournament featured the luxury visit of Argentine influencer Jero Freixas, famous for his videos talking about football and life with his wife on social networks, demonstrating his passion and love for Independiente de Avellaneda, the Argentine national team and Lionel Messi .

“Next year I hope not only to see but to play,” he said excitedly, after observing this football festival.

The final phase of the Codere Cup will be played at Real Madrid’s Ciudad Deportiva, the same weekend as the first Spanish classic of the season.

That day it is expected that Soccer Society can live for a day the experience of first level soccer in the place, in which the only Colombian who has been able to train as a merengue soccer player, has been James Rodríguez.