The Spanish Boxing Federation celebrates 100 years in very good shape

Now 100 years ago and one day there was going to be a meeting in the City of Barcelona that would change the history of boxing in Spain. According to different media of the time, including ‘Sports world’ and the disappeared ‘Sports Day’ On August 30, 1922, a key meeting took place in the Catalan capital in what was then called Spanish Federation of Defense Sports.

On the pages of Sports world At that time it is highlighted that “the Spanish Federation of Defense Sports was already a body in a state of decomposition and the boxing clubs that were part of it, more out of necessity than charity, had been looking for a way to bury it for some time. Finally, after a thousand wanderings, they were able to reunite and the hole they dug for the new tree of the Spanish Boxing Federation It served as a pit for the Defense Sports Federation, this Federation that began without clubs and ended without boards”.


09/25 – 10/05: Men’s and Women’s Junior European Championships in Montesilvano (Italy). International Competition
03/10 – 09/10: International Young Men’s and Women’s Boxam (Benidorm, Alicante). International Competition
10/11 – 10/23: Women’s Elite European Championships in Budva (Montenegro). International Competition
10/17 – 10/23: Spanish Youth and Junior Championships, male and female (Crevillent, Alicante). National Competition
11/13 – 11/27: Youth World Championships, male and female (La Nucía, Alicante). International Competition
In addition, they must finish placing a bad national competition on a date, such as the Iberdrola Cup and the President Cup

An information in which it was highlighted that “the different clubs that with their activity give life to our boxing, had long been in close relationship and worked in common agreement regarding the future orientation of the Federation, as essential for boxing as the same boxers”, which led to “unanimously changing its name to the Spanish Boxing Federation”.

was chosen to Don Lorenzo Ramonet as the first president, with a meeting in which the first secretary was Ramon Larruya Sport-Journal collaborator, establishing the first meeting of the new federation at 10:00 p.m. at the premises of the Barcelona Boxing Club.


2017: 10,108 total (8,049 men and 2,059 women)
2018: 11,880 total (9,620 men and 2,260 women)
2019: 12,176 total (9,619 men and 2,557 women)
2020: 4,396 total (3,602 men and 794 women)
2021: 9,369 total (7,844 men and 1,525 women)
*Counting that the years of 2020 and 2021 were affected by the Covid pandemic

To celebrate the centenary, the FEBox will carry out different acts and commemorative actions until next December 31.

The President of the Spanish Boxing Federation, Felipe Martínez, is excited about the centenary celebration: “Until the end of the year, our Federation enters what we have called Centenary time. I think it’s going to be an emotional and exhausting few months, having to combine all the Centenary events with superlative and constant boxing activity, a hallmark of our management, but it’s sure worth it”.

Boxing is coming back after some tough years

Regarding the activity over the next few months, Martínez is particularly pleased to have been able to bring to Spain, as part of the commemorative events, some World Championships for the first time, in this case in the Youth category. “It has been a very tough ‘combat’, but the dream has come true. We wanted to finish off the Centenary with a competition that will be remembered for a long time and, after a lot of work, we have managed to secure the organization in our country. Finally, the celebration of the Olympic Boxing World Championships in Spain should put the finishing touch to a year of the Centenary in which other historical milestones have also been achieved, such as Laura Fuertes’s medal at the World Championships in Istanbul or the five medals from the men’s European Championships”, concludes the president of the veteran entity.


Male Elite: 18 components (7 of them sub-22)
Female Elite: 12 (6 of them under-22)
Young Male: 1 permanent + 15 going to rallies
Young Female: 3 permanents + 1 that goes to rallies
Junior Male: 4 + 5 concentrations
Junior Female: 3 internal + 1 punctual + 2 in concentrations

These Youth Category World Championships, which will bring almost 1,000 people to our country, will be held in Lto Nucia (Alicante)between November 13 and 27.

The possibility of holding this Championship in Spain and the good results for the boxers confirm the good moment that Spanish boxing is going through, with a powerful team; although the Covid pandemic slowed down the good dynamics that seem to be picking up cruising speed again, since fortunately, as pointed out to RTVE Philip Martinez, “boxing is coming back after tough years”


August 1922: birth and constitution
December 1922 (day 11): First Spanish Professional Boxing Championship of this entity (Joaquín Valls vs Pedro Sáez)
February 1924 (day 3): first European Championship with Spanish participation (Ricardo Alís in Barcelona)
May 1924 (26-28): first Spanish Amateur Boxing Championships
July 1924: first Olympic Games with Spanish participation
October 1925 (30): first European Champion of Spanish boxing (Antonio Ruiz, in Madrid)
May 1926 (18): Uzcudun European Champion (Barcelona)
June 1929 (18): First World Championship with Spanish participation (Gregorio Vidal, in New York)
November 1930 (30): Uzcudun and Carnera, before more than 70,000 people on Montjuïc
March 1931 (25): First World Championship in Spain (Víctor Ferrand, in Barcelona)
June 1935 (01): First Spanish World Champion (Baltasar Sangchili, Valencia)
May 1947: Luis Martínez Zapata, European Amateur Boxing Champion (Dublin)
July 1968 (24): José Legrá, World Champion
November 1971 (05): Pedro Carrasco defeats Mando Ramos (Madrid)
June 1971: Juan Francisco Rodríguez, European Amateur Boxing Champion (Madrid)
August-September 1972: Enrique Rodríguez Cal, Bronze Medal at the Olympic Games (Munich)
August 1974: Enrique Rodríguez Cal, Bronze Medal at the World Amateur Boxing Championships (Havana)
September 1974 (21): Perico Fernández, World Champion (Rome)
May 1976 (05): José Durán, World Champion (Tokyo)
June 1976 (30): Miguel Velázquez, World Champion (Madrid)
December 1977 (17): Cecilio Lastra, World Champion (Torrelavega)
July-August 1992: Faustino Reyes, Olympic Games silver medalist (Barcelona)
July-August 1996: Rafael Lozano, Olympic Games bronze medalist (Atlanta)
January 1999 (29): Javier Castillejo, World Champion (Madrid)
April 1999 (23): José Antonio López Bueno, World Champion (Zaragoza)
September-October 2000: Rafael Lozano, Olympic Games Silver Medalist (Sydney)
Final months of 2002: Jorge Mata, World Champion (from interim to regular)
November 2003 (06): María Jesús Rosa is proclaimed the first Spanish World Champion (Alcobendas)
June 2009 (20): Gabriel Campillo, World Champion (Sunchales)
August 2013 (18): Kiko Martínez, World Champion (Atlantic City)
June 2018 (22): Joana Patrana, World Champion (Alcobendas)
June 2019: Gabriel Escobar, European Olympic Boxing Champion (Minsk)
October 2021: Rafael Lozano Jr wins the first gold medal in lower categories of Spanish boxing, in the World Championships of Young Category (Budva)
October-November 2021: Enmanuel Reyes, Bronze Medal at the World Amateur Boxing Championships (Belgrade)
May 2022: Laura Fuertes wins the first medal in the Spanish Women’s Boxing World Championships (Istanbul)
May 2022: Martín Molina, European Olympic Boxing Champion (Yerevan). Spain achieves 5 medals