The Spanish Boxing Federation turns 100 years old. upcoming events

According to different media of the time, including the two main sports newspapers in Barcelona, ​​El Sport-Journal (curr

According to different media of the time, including the two main sports newspapers in Barcelona, ​​El Sport-Journal (currently Sport-Journal and one of whose collaborators was appointed secretary) and the late La Jornada Deportiva, on 30
On August 1922, a meeting of what had been called the Spanish Federation of Defense Sports took place in that city.

It is the Jornada Deportiva who, perhaps, best captures the moment, explaining that “the meeting only had two objectives: changing the current name and electing a new Board of Directors. Regarding the first extreme, it was agreed that, from the date, it will be called the Spanish Boxing Federation”.

Therefore, this August 30, 2022, the FEBox turns 100 years old. To celebrate it, a series of acts and actions commemorating the Centenary are presented below, which will take place from today until December 31. The information on each one of them will be developed in a convenient way in the next dates.

Central Centenary Day, September 23 Plaza de Colón in Madrid (if, for any reason, this stage could not be used, a new one would be found).
4:00 p.m.: Technification and boxing matches for school children
6:00 p.m.: Iberdrola Cup and other matches
9:00 p.m.: Grand Gala of recognition and awards of the Centenary of the IBA World Championships in the Junior Category, November 13-27
On the days mentioned above, the organization of the Youth Category World Championships will take place in La Nucía (Alicante), the first of any category in Olympic boxing held in Spain.

As each of them is completely finished, they will be presented in small acts, normally coinciding with
calendar sports competitions.
Presentation of the Centenary Slippers series (100 exclusive pairs)
Presentation of the Centennial Coin Collection
Presentation of the different volumes of the work History of the Spanish Boxing Federation, 1922-1981. The classical periods.

Presentation of the new corporate image of the Federation (September 23, on the Central Day of the Centenary)
Presentation of the FEBox mobile APP, from which the different procedures can be carried out and which will provide numerous improvements to management.
The president of the Spanish Boxing Federation, Felipe Martínez, is excited about the period that now begins and all the acts prepared, although he is aware of the enormous work that this implies and that has been carried out for months: “From today and until end of the year, our Federation enters what we have called Centenary time. I believe that these are going to be emotional and exhausting months, having to combine all the Centenary acts with superlative and constant pugilistic activity, a hallmark of our
management, but it sure is worth it”.

Regarding the activity of the next few months, Martínez is especially pleased to have been able to bring to Spain, as part of the commemorative events, World Championships for the first time, in this case in the Youth category. “It has been a very tough ‘combat’, but the dream has come true. We wanted to finish off the Centenary with a competition that will be remembered for a long time and, after a lot of work, we have managed to secure the organization in our country. The celebration at last of the Olympic Boxing World Championships in Spain,
They must put the finishing touch to a year of the Centenary in which other historical milestones have also been achieved, such as the medal of Laura Fuertes in the World Championships in Istanbul or the five medals of the men’s European Championships”, concludes the president of the veteran
These Youth Category World Championships, which will bring almost 1,000 people to our country, will be held in La Nucía (Alicante), between November 13 and 27.