The Spanish Golf Federation increases the budget by 11.3% in 2022, to 11.8 million

The Royal Spanish Golf Federation (Rfeg) scores a hole in one. The highest national golf body has presented a budget of 11.8 million euros f

The Royal Spanish Golf Federation (Rfeg) scores a hole in one. The highest national golf body has presented a budget of 11.8 million euros for the year 2022, which represents an increase of 11.3% compared to the previous year.

After the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the federation maintained similar budgets in both 2020 and 2021 “to meet the budget”, since they did not know what could happen in this regard in the different golf courses in Spain. This turnover was around between ten and 10.5 million euros in both courses, one of the highest budgets of the Spanish federations.

Practically, 79% of the total budgeted by the federation will correspond to an item of income from licenses from the different autonomous federations. In addition, with the aim of training new golf talents, the Rfeg will allocate up to 80,000 euros for this course to scholarships, courses and personnel.

For its part, personnel costs have fallen by just over 3% compared to the previous year. In the current course, the federation is expected to allocate up to three million euros to this item, of which 2.3 million euros correspond to wages and salaries.

In the general assembly of the Rfeg, held on December 13, it was unanimously agreed, exceptionally for the year 2022 and due to the existing exceptional circumstances, increase the share of the Rfeg federative golf license for the 2022 course by 50% of the interannual Consumer Price Index (CPI) as of October 2021, that is, 2.7%. In this way, some of the licenses will have an increase of just over two euros in the current course.

Regarding sponsorships, the entity has seen how, for the current year, there will be a decrease of 5.6% compared to the previous year. Although the result of the year for 2021 is unknown, the entity budgeted income of 800,000 euros for this item, which will fall to 755,000 euros in 2022.

The Rfeg will receive official grants distributed in eight different items, which in total will amount to 1.1 million euros. The one that has the greatest weight is the subsidy received by the Higher Sports Council (CSD), which rises to 507,000 euros, while 324,000 euros will be allocated for DAN Social Protection and support for international athletes.

The specialized high-performance golf centers (Cear) in Madrid and León will each have grants of 119,000 euros and 106,000 euros, respectively. In addition, for audiovisual broadcasts the Rfeg expects to enter 29,000 euros this year.

According to the latest available data, in the country there were 271,788 golf federation in 2020, of which 270,219 were amateurs and 1,569 were professionals. The Royal Spanish Golf Federation managed to close the year 2020 with a profit of two million euros.

In addition, a report by The Royal and Ancient (one of the oldest golf clubs in the world) and the company Sports Marketing Surveys highlights that the number of golfers has increased worldwide in the last five years, putting manifested a significant increase in the popularity of this sport, reflected in a rise of five and a half million golfers who practice this sport since 2016. In Europe, up to 10.6 million players practiced golf regularly in 2021, an increase 34% compared to 2016, when only 7.9 million people played golf.