The spiral of violence in football is boosted by lukewarm sanctions

The suspension of Shipyard Classicthe night of Sunday, September 18, 2022, is just one more chapter in the long history of embarrassing events this season.

Ismael Rescalvo: “The regulations were not respected and what Barcelona wanted was done”

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Carlos Rodriguezcentral defender of Barcelona, ​​went to celebrate the goal of Eric Castillo and they gave him a big bottle in the face. The goal was disallowed with the VARthere were shoves, shouts and the event was suspended due to lack of guarantees and racist gestures.

It is not the first time in the stadium Capwell. There are two strong antecedents of fan misbehavior. One ended up in trouble with players from Valley Independent and the sanction was a game without playing in his stadium. The other was invasion, punished with a fine of $15,000. That’s not counting the countless fights between his own fans in the stands.

But it doesn’t just happen there. In the stadium Monumental, the Emelec players celebrated and the yellow fans threw objects at them. at the olympic Atahualpafans got in to attack the referee in a match for promotion.

For the former director of Ecuafútbol, Alex de la Torre This problem has several edges. The first, he indicates, is that the fans are uneducated. He believes that it was rushed to remove the security meshes from the stadiums. In addition, he considers that the directors do not put much effort into changing this reality because they would be the main affected in the event of having a regulation with strict punishments.

“There are mild because they are approved by the directors themselves. They are not interested in situations that complicate them financially or disciplinarily. The first step is that they have the commitment to change that reality and put together tougher regulations.”

Barcelona Shipyard Classic 2022

Emelec vs. Barcelona: El Clásico del Astillero is won by Ídolo 3-1

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Stephen Peacedirector of League of Quito, admit this problem. “The regulations are absolutely soft and there are no important consequences to situations like yesterday (Sunday). Unfortunately, we leaders are the ones who prefer light sanctions and, therefore, these types of events will be constantly repeated, like others that do terrible damage to football and its environment.

Andres Larriva, director of Valley Independentrecognizes that a change is urgent, since these episodes of are due to the fact that “what has been sown is being reaped”.